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Video Sermons : David Wilkerson :  That Dreadful Day (coming economic collapse) David Wilkerson

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That Dreadful Day (coming economic collapse) David Wilkerson

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 The Lord never disappoints... 
as Pastor Wilkerson delivers this powerfully prophetic message.

 Always a powerful, timely word 
Great word from sometime in 2006.

 What is the date of this sermon? 
This may have been on the video somewhere, but if so, I missed it. I'm just wondering when he preached this particular sermon? Thanks

 Sobering reminder 
I found this a sobering reminder of who the Lord has spoken to His people about coming trials. The Lord has brought me to several sermons from David Wilkerson and Carter Conlon that deal with these types of issues but because of a lack of a date, there is no link to when. It was not until David makes mention of President Bush and the year 2006 that the context was made clear. I can remember how in those days, the Lord had brought me into contact with other materials that exposed the corruption in the US and warned of impending financial trouble. In fact, I was lead to a book about the dangers of fiat currency as traced through world history and its implications for our nation that unsettled me. These warnings can be especially disheartening if we are not securely founded on the Rock of Christ Jesus, which I was not at the time. I had to turn aside for a time and it was not until recently that the Lord has started bringing me back to this. I was really blessed to be in the midst o

 Powerful Warning - God's Mercy 
Saints, this is a very clear warning to the saints of God to the signs of the times. Oh that we would anticipate and truly believe Jesus Christ's coming is soon. How different would we live if we knew the judgment seat was just around the corner.

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