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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Sandeep Poonen in mp3 format. Sandeep Poonen, son of Zach Poonen, pastor of Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, India, is a teacher of God's Word. Over the last several years, he has served alongside such noteworthy Bible teachers as Ravi Zacharias and other guest speakers. Sandeep has preached powerful sermon messages at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship where he has been a member since 2002. He has now been involved in birthing a new fellowship run by a plurality of Eldership.

New Covenant Christian Fellowship is led by a plurality of elders. No elder is paid for his work. This is NOT because we feel that such financial support is unScriptural, but because we desire to stand apart from the bad testimony that many Christian workers have had in the matter of finances. No reports of the work done or any appeal for finances are ever sent out anywhere. There are no salaried positions in our church.

 Loving God in the Last Days by Sandeep Poonen

Topic: Last Days
Scripture(s): 2 Timothy 3:1-4  
Description: Sandeep Poonen ministers on a vital passage concerning the last days and those who are loving self more then loving God. He clearly shows that we can be deceived into this loving of self through many ways which exclude mercy and cherishing God's Son. This is an important message for us to consider as we are living close to the time of the appearing of our Lord. We are a bride waiting for Jesus the Bridegroom.
Sermon Comments (0) Simulcast 2012: The Body Of Christ And Persecution by Sandeep Poonen

Topic: Body Of Christ
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 The Only Thing by Sandeep Poonen

Description: nil
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 The Worst Sin by Sandeep Poonen

Topic: Dependence On God
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