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Recently Added Sermons
 A Mission Only the Church Can Stop by David Platt

Topic: Missions
Scripture(s): Acts 21  
Description: The premise is from Acts 21 where Paul was counseled away from going to various places by the church, when it was in fact God's will, and then he shares incredible testimony's from the lives of brothers like Jim Elliott, David Livingstone, CT Studd and others who followed the calling of the Lord despite the opposition they faced. Towards the end, he gives a powerful plea and exhortation to his own church, and poses the question, :Are we going to be a church that stops the mission of Christ or Obeys it?
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 The Underground Church In America by E.A. Johnston

Topic: Underground Church
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (0)
 Book of Acts Series - Part 46 | People by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Book Of Acts
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (0)
 Spiritual Gifts Part 2 by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Spiritual Gifts
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (0)
 Book of Acts Series - Part 45 | Sailing Against the Wind by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Book Of Acts
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (0)
 Book of Acts Series - Part 44 | Reactions To The Gospel by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Book Of Acts
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (0)
 What Will You Do In The End? by Vincent G. Artese

Topic: Apostasy
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 5:21-31  
Description: The prophet’s message today as in Jeremiah’s time is: break up your fallow ground! Do not sow among thorns! Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, and take away the foreskins of your hearts because your doings are evil. The Church is heading in the wrong direction. The wills of those within it are revolting against God. Do not be deceived by outward professions! Those who bear the good fruit of holy living are the true Church of Jesus Christ. Many religious leaders have risen up and prophesied falsely, but the people love to have it so. These false shepherds cannot be trusted. Repent! Be deceived no longer! What will you do in the end?
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 Revival and Deliverance by Chuck Smith

Topic: Revival
Description: nil
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 Righteousness by Chuck Smith

Topic: Righteousness
Description: nil
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 Reverencing God by Chuck Smith

Topic: Reverence
Description: nil
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