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Timeless Interview by Art Katz

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 How Many Churches Are in this Predicament 
I not only agree wholeheartedly with the compelling message that Art Katz is staing here, but I have experienced it in my own church. Although I have a theological education from a Christian university when you state what may be an obvious contradiction regarding the manifestation and or fruit of the Spirit in a service or from a pastor or guest speaker (even when it is done respectfully, privately and with concern) the leadership thinks you are "unsubmitted" or a subversive. The New Testament clearly states that supernatural manifestations that are not of God will be more commonplace in the last days. How then shall we tell that which is false from that which is true? Obviously by the fruit of the Spirit which will be manifest in the lives and character of persons stating the are a "prophet" or an "apostle". We Charismatics and Prophetic folk have become addicted to manifestations and refuse to judge "a word" or "a song" or "a healing", publically. Many churches are now "

 Comforting Affirmation 
Brother Katz spoke with so much annointing in this message. As you will see...God shows that there is no need for sensationalism, excitement, hype, etc. when His truth is delivered by a man with clean hands and a pure heart. This interview will being conviction to those who are caught up in the charismatic circus that is so prevalent today. It was such a confirmation to words that God has been speaking to me privately. I am a spirit filled believer who has become very broken over the methods and the state of the church today. Thank you Mr. Katz!

 A servant of the Lord 
So worth hearing ... so clear. I do not recall hearing anyone speak with such Truth on anointing. So many applications to our own walking leap to mind. If I said any more it would be prayer seeking God. Impart enabling Father.

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