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Audio Sermons : Denny Kenaston :  (Godly Home) Part 1 - The Holy Art of Training Children

 (Godly Home) Part 1 - The Holy Art of Training Children by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Godly Home Series
Scripture(s): Malachi 2:14  
Description: The Holy Art of Training Children commences on lifting the principles of childraising out of the commonplace and making them holy again. Denny Kenaston challenges fathers to repent of unscriptural focuses and embrace the 'beautiful realities of the Word of God.' Raising children is an art, 'a system of principles and methods employed in the creation of making something beautiful.' Are you ready to be a student of training children?
Sermon Comments (3)

 Excellent Series 
Needs to burned onto Mp3 disks and distributed to every Christian you know.

 Must hear series! 
God's anointing is upon Brother Denny as he shares the burden of God for raising a godly family. This series is highly recommended for single people and families. Oh how we need revival in the family, may God find godly seed in our day.

 This an EXCELLENT series!! 
This is my fourth time listening through the whole series. I have one daughter who is almost two and another on the way. I cannot begin to say how much I am grateful to God for these teachings on the family. I am quite sure there will be many treasures in heaven because of it. The series brought to light so much unexplored territory in God's Word on the subject, which has since fueled many meditations of my own and has been a radical change in my relationship with family and ministry.

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