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Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions and About This Ministry page. If your question has not been answered then feel free to submit a question, comment to the email found below and we will respond as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Q. How Do you download the audio sermons?
Answer. To download the audio sermons to your desktop simply right click on the sermon titles and choose save target as. A dialogue box will open and rename the sermon file to the title of the sermon and the speaker adding the .mp3 extension on the end of the file. If a .php shows up as the download file simply rename it to .mp3 (or .pdf if it is an ebook file) and it will work.

Q. How Do you download multiple sermons automatically?
Answer. To download multiple sermons automatically we have created a SermonIndex Software application that you can download on your desktop computer. We encourage believers to download many or all of the 250GB mp3 archive with this tool to help share these sermons with others and provide multiple backups of them all around the world. Here are the installers for the Software: Windows, Linux, Mac. (The linux and mac version of the software requires technical knoweldge please view this article for help).

Q. Can I copy these sermons to my website or burn them to CDs?
Answer. Yes. All materials on sermonindex can be freely copied for personal use and distribution our desire as the speakers is that the materials will not be bought or sold.

Q. Can I put a link to
Answer. Yes. This is encouraged and it helps us spread these messages to many more people. We also have a selection of image banners you can use to put on your website for free.

Q. Some speakers on sermonindex vary in their doctrinal stance?
Answer. Because of the nature of this website and the amount of material available here, the views are those of the original speaker or author. Because of the diversity of viewpoints on some issues, there probably isn't a single individual anywhere who would subscribe to all of the views on all of the topics presented here, and we don't either. However, the material is still valuable and worth study. The importance is not what you agree with and what you do not agree with! But the most important thing is your obedience and love in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Q. How can I submit my sermons or obtain hosting for my sermons?
Answer. SermonIndex does not host sermons for churches or ministries as a service. All materials have been hand chosen and selected to be hosted for free. You are welcome to submit and mail sermons in but over 95% of the materials submitted are not accepted for addition to sermonindex. Our intention is to add older vintage audio sermons from the past century and as well as historical text messages from Church history.

Q. I Can't Login, My Password/Username Is Invalid?
Answer. When you are having a hard time logging in and have forgotten your username or password you can email us to request a reset of the password. You must firstly email us with the same email that you registered with on SermonIndex without this we cannot help you. Secondly we will reset your password but cannot change your username it must stay the same as when you first registered. As a special reminder to members please write down your username and password or save the email in your account.

Q. Where is the search on SermonIndex?
Answer. There is a search box on the front page of where you can search extensively the entire website, google has indexed over half a million pages from SermonIndex that you can search.

Q. Can I financially support this work?
Answer. Yes. You can learn how to support SermonIndex here.

Q. How can I contact sermonindex directly?

Email Address: [email protected]

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