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List Of Ways To Serve And Give To The Work Of SermonIndex

Dear brothers and sisters, we have recieved many emails over the years of how people can get involved to help SermonIndex in practical ways. This list of ways to serve has been compiled as a result. We are thankful for everyway believers have joined hands together to see well over 100 million sermons distributed in 19+ years (that number is a very general number and the reach probably far goes beyond that number).

If you have any ideas or burdens from the Lord you can share these with us. To get involved in any of the specific servanthood areas below please email us at: [email protected]

Prayer - Nothing gets done that is of value to the Lord without prayer. Praying for this ministry daily is beyond critical. If you would like a hardcopy prayer card to be sent to you, email me your physical mailing address.

Sermon Transcribing - The focus of the website since inception in 2002 has been to promote old godly classic audio sermons that have been lost to the Church and that have a godly message to bring back to our generation. This has not changed, to transcribe some of these older classic messages. If you have had a burden to transcribe a message on SermonIndex or want a list of some messages to transcribe we would be excited for your servanthood in that area.

Sermon Translation - We have had a policy to encourage sermon translation so that messages can spread to many other countries since the inception of the ministry. This has not changed and we have a goal to see a few messages that are very godly and classical in nature to be translated into many languages. If you speak and read in a different language and are also fluent in english this is a way you could get involved to help serve and impact others for eternity.

Sermon Description(s) - A great way for many saints to help serve and bless others is to write a 3-4 sentence description of the sermon you listened to (if it does not exist) with also 2 main scripture references and a general topic. If you did this it is best to send them in batches of 10 or more if you plan to continue to do this and serve in this way. So again you can email the: Description of the Sermon (3-4 lines), 2 Scripture references mentioned in the Sermon, And 1 Main Topic the sermon primarily covers (ie Servanthood, Sin, etc)

Hyperlinking - It sounds complex but is very simple, the more believers that simply share a link to SermonIndex on their blogs, website, email footer, social media profiles, greatly expand the reach and impact of these sermons to the entire world. You are also free to link to any sermon or resource on this website and or copy a resource to your website or blog. Attribution is only helpful to encourage others to obtain more free resources on the SermonIndex website.

Website Development - Are you more technical in nature and have a skillset that includes php, mysql and other coding languages? Then there are definetly ways you can help serve and help as there are always coding challenges and new opportunities to add resources and functionality to the website. We have a growing Github channel with developers who are serving in various capacities to help see SermonIndex reach more people.

Video Uploading - With the advent of video hosting on the internet youtube has become one of the main places where content is shared. This is great as we have seen over 280,000 subscribers to our youtube channel and many views. The downside of this is with online censorship of large platforms all this content is at danger of being taken down one day. We have set a goal to see the video sermons uploaded to various other platforms such as: GodTube, Facebook, Dtube and other video hosting platforms. If you have a very fast internet connection and a burden to serve in this area we, this could be a way for you to share God's words with many by re-uploading SermonIndex videos to other SermonIndex channels on various platforms online.

SermonAudio - Strangely enough SermonIndex started in early 2002 as a ministry on SermonAudio. Once we uploaded 300+ sermons to their platform it was decided to build our own website to host the growing collection of classical messages. We recently paid to re-host sermons on their platform and they graciously allowed us to bulk upload 7000+ sermon messages there on SermonAudio. The reach of SermonAudio is very large and this is an opportunity for a brother or sister that is committed to help build, maintain, and grow the presenece of SermonIndex on SermonAudio. There is a blog, images, and plently of other features to daily upload to there. It would be preferred that whoever feels led to take this on will be willing to pay the monthly $50 USD hosting fee.

Peer To Peer Software - It has been a burden of mine for 4 years to see a peer to peer software setup that runs exclusvely only with SermonIndex Audio and Video sermons. That would be 300 gigs of mp3 content and around 1+ terabyte of Video Content. If you are a technical person with coding abilities to create an open source software that is forked from a current Peer to Peer torrent sharing software and code it so that people can share only SermonIndex content with file checksum and other features please get in touch with us. A consideration would be to see a live IRC type chat in the app on one column would allow those who are archiving and hosting the sermon files to interact with each other. In case of SermonIndex itself as a website being censored this would be an alternative backup for saints to still be able to host and obtain the messages. Also I can see a possibility of these torrent files being inter-linked to the current SermonIndex website to alloow download of the sermons in a peer to peer fashion.

Wordpress Plugin - The idea behind this vision is to see a wordpress plugin created that pulls from our Audio API. It would give an option for someone to have hyperlinks and pages pulling all 25,000+ audio sermons to their website. Also what would be more important is if there were a function in the backend for people to choose which sermons to actually download to their local wordpress instance so they can 'self-host' the sermon content (or at least a part of it). This is part of decentralizing the audio sermons to many places. A function to be able to choose which speakers show would also be helpful for those who would want to just install the plugin and show all sermons for A.W. Tozer for instance. More then 70% of websites on the internet are hosted with wordpress so this would afford a large opportunity to spread the sermon messages easily to many. Shortcode functions could also be coded into the plugin to allow people to embed certain audio messages to their blog also.

Databases - We have run across a collection of over 200+ databases of old large commentary sets and bible helps, dictionaries and other resources totally over 2 gigs in database files. Many of these resources are older and not available anywhere on the internet in an easy readable fashion. We would love to see a brother or sister with abilities to work with databases to sort through these convert, and import them into the website. This would not only add over 100,000 pages of new godly old content but revive some old bible helps that were not available before online. I believe if we searched more there are other opportunities to get more godly content, Imagine all the old Methodist commentaries that are not avaialble in online format. Only a few people commentaries are currently on major sites like Bible Gateway.

Old Books + Cassettes - We are always looking to revive and bring back to this generation old godly sermons and resources. If you have an old godly book you think should be shared or old sermnon on tape cassette, etc, get in touch with us and see if it can be a fit for SermonIndex. We are always looking for old photos of classic preachers on this website, if you have photos of any speakers, send them to us or take a careful high-resolution photo or scan of them and email them to us. We use old godly images for image quotes. We have also recieved several books on revival over the years.

Financial Giving Options

Since the inception of SermonIndex we have sought as best as possible to not make specific financial needs known for the ministry. Our trust is in God for what He desires this ministry to accomplish, till the coming of the Lord. Use the donate button below to enter your desired giving amount either one-time or monthly. Please only donate if the Lord has clearly led you to do so.

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Bank E-Transfer (within Canada only)
Simply send the e-transfer to: [email protected]

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