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 Remember the height from which you have fallen.

Here is a very challenging sermon clip about our love for the Lord, based on Revelation 2:4-5

~Your life will testify to the things you love. You do love something! ~

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 Re: Remember the height from which you have fallen.

I believe this would make a good tract to hand out in churches. I remember all of those years thinking myself having secured my salvation. I was content in those days to enter the kingdom smelling of smoke just as long as I escaped the fires of hell, but where is the changed heart when one is content to enter the kingdom and come before the King without preparation? Who would enter before such a King as Christ Clothed in filthy rags, disheveled hair, foul breath, and reeking of body odor? Can you imagine the bride that would walk down the isle to her most loved in all the world looking like this? Impossible we say, yet I feel this describes the one who would be content to give herself this way to her eternal husband. It is to think nothing of the love of her life! What kind of bride does this describe that could think so little of her husband? It is to disregard the miracle work of regeneration and sanctification. The saint that would desire to meet their Christ smelling like smoke has not the nature of the truly regenerate.

On the other hand, the saint that would rejoice that he had the worst seat at the table as long as he could glimpse his master and hear his voice even looking through binoculars if need be to see the beauty of his nail scarred hands as He raised His glass presents a far different picture. I know this may not be an accurate picture of heaven, but neither is the picture of the saint who is content with standing before the Lord reeking of smoke. Praise the Lord for the grace He will show that exposes the falsely secured

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