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Art Katz

Art Katz (1929 ‚Äď 2007)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Art Katz in mp3 format. He was radically converted by reading the New Testament. God used him to have a powerful prophetic insight into the end-times and the coming suffering of the jewish people before the great accepting of Jesus as Messiah. His eschatological insight is a very needful truth to be realized in the body of Christ.

Art was a prophetic voice insofar as he called his listeners to purposes in God that would affect both time and eternity, purposes that had to do with the glory of God in the Church. Frequently, his messages called the Church to an awareness of the Last Days [End-times] in such a way that made that time seem imminent and at the door.

 The Gospel and the Righteousness of God by Art Katz

Topic: Gospel
Description: nil
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 The Gospel to the Jew First by Art Katz

Topic: Gospel To Jews
Description: nil
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 The Holiness Of God - Part 1 by Art Katz

Topic: Holiness Of God
Description: nil
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 The Holiness Of God - Part 2 by Art Katz

Topic: Holiness Of God
Description: nil
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 The Holocaust and Christian Conscience by Art Katz

Topic: Holocaust
Scripture(s): Joshua 2, 1 Peter 1:4, Ephesians 3:6  
Description: Why does God allow the Holocaust and all human suffering to take place? This is the ultimate question. The necessary truth of God’s judgment and an inescapable requirement of true repentance for true faith unto salvation, are at the heart of the answer. This message relates the Holocaust to the historical rejection of God. A vital and challenging message for the Jewish people and the Church given at the national Charismatic Conference at Kansas City in 1977 as a historic event!
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 The Holy Ark of God by Art Katz

Topic: Ark of God
Description: The opening address of the Shekinah Conference in 1974 at Columbia University, N.Y., tracing the call of God’s people. The final destination of the Ark is our destiny as well.
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 The Inadequacy of Ethics by Art Katz

Topic: Ethics
Description: nil
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 The Invisible Cloud of Witnesses by Art Katz

Topic: Cloud of Witnesses
Description: Whether we are aware of it or not, do we see ourselves as one with, and connected to, the saints of bygone years through our Head who is also theirs?
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 The Kingdom vs. Patriotism by Art Katz

Topic: American Patriotism
Description: The Kingdom of God or the kingdoms of this world - to which does the believer owe his highest allegiance? An examination of this fiercely contested issue.
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 The Knowledge of God by Art Katz

Topic: Knowledge of God
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 9:24  
Description: The true knowledge of God is everything, and God is known primarily in His covenant relationship to Israel and His acts toward her. Art contends that this knowledge is different from any kind of speculative pondering on the character traits of God.
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 The Last Days by Art Katz

Topic: Last Days
Description: nil
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 The Law and the Commandments by Art Katz

Topic: The Law
Scripture(s): James 2:10  
Description: We have not understood the absoluteness of the moral requirements of God, nor are we emphatic about performing them by the grace that God Himself is only too willing to give.
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 The Lord‚Äôs Coming in the Clouds by Art Katz

Scripture(s): Mark 13:24-26  
Description: The Lord seems to come exclusively in clouds, and we need to understand what these clouds mean or we will not see Him as He desires to be seen. The true seeing of God in His glory, which is the only true way of seeing Him, must always require a coming in the clouds.
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 The Love of God by Art Katz

Topic: Love Of God
Scripture(s): 1 John 4:7-21  
Description: A brief study of the love of God as was revealed in the life of Jesus as well as the lives of the apostles by the same Spirit.
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 The Love Of The Truth by Art Katz

Topic: False Revival
Scripture(s): Isaiah 28:8, John 16:13  
Description: Art Katz speaks on the very important issue of loving the truth and weighing such with modern revival movements where experience is elevated beyond the truth and God it represents. He gives a prophetic cautionary word towards the Toronto blessing as a new supposed revival movement and gives Biblical truth to help us navigate these muddied waters. Do you have a love of the truth? Loving the God of truth?
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 The Making of an Apostle by Art Katz

Topic: Apostle
Scripture(s): Galatians 1:1-5  
Description: The church is called to the "glory of God forever." An apostle lives and moves and has his being in this realm. An insight into the apostle Paul's life as is recorded in the first chapter of Galatians.
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 The Melchizedek Priesthood (1 of 2) by Art Katz

Topic: Melchizedek
Description: Art surveys the high calling of every believer, the ultimate privilege of both receiving and giving the essence of God’s own being.
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 The Melchizedek Priesthood (2 of 2) by Art Katz

Topic: Melchizedek
Description: Art surveys the high calling of every believer, the ultimate privilege of both receiving and giving the essence of God’s own being.
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 The Mysteries of the Faith by Art Katz

Topic: Mystery
Scripture(s): Ephesians 6:12, 1 Corinthians 2:7-8, Ephesians 3:3-10  
Description: A brief examination of some of the mysteries of the faith (from the book of Ephesians), so long lost to the church, but now in the process of being restored by God.
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 The Mystery of Incarnation (1 of 9) by Art Katz

Topic: Incarnation
Description: nil
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