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Art Katz

Art Katz (1929 ‚Äď 2007)

Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Art Katz in mp3 format. He was radically converted by reading the New Testament. God used him to have a powerful prophetic insight into the end-times and the coming suffering of the jewish people before the great accepting of Jesus as Messiah. His eschatological insight is a very needful truth to be realized in the body of Christ.

Art was a prophetic voice insofar as he called his listeners to purposes in God that would affect both time and eternity, purposes that had to do with the glory of God in the Church. Frequently, his messages called the Church to an awareness of the Last Days [End-times] in such a way that made that time seem imminent and at the door.

 K-553 Knowing Mercy by Art Katz

Topic: Mercy
Description: Art gives an insight into the basis for receiving the mercies of God as part and parcel of our daily walk in God. And because of those mercies, there are implications for a natural outworking of the burdens of the Lord, and most particularly to the Jewish people. A 2003 message.
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 K-554 Speaking the Truth by Art Katz

Topic: Truth
Description: nil
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 KBER-01 The Coming Holocaust 1 of 3 by Art Katz

Topic: End Times
Description: nil
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 KBER-02 The Coming Holocaust 2 of 3 by Art Katz

Topic: End Times
Description: nil
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 KBER-03 The Coming Holocaust 3 of 3 by Art Katz

Topic: End Times
Description: nil
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 Leadership Baptism and the Importance of Devotions by Art Katz

Topic: Leadership
Description: nil
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 Live Expressed by Art Katz

Topic: Love Of God
Description: An insight into the nature of God's love as was expressed by Jesus toward the rich young ruler in Mark 10. Calculated to shatter our inadequate categories.
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 Love your Enemies by Art Katz

Topic: Loving Your Enemy
Scripture(s): Matthew 5:43-48  
Description: To have enemies goes without saying, but our relationship to our enemies is probably going to be the most formidable aspect of the Last Days’ reality of believers. Can the Life within us exhibit and express something that contradicts the sinful lifestyles of the world, especially as the world become more evil?
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 Love Your Fellowman by Art Katz

Topic: Loving Others
Description: nil
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 Making Part stand for Whole by Art Katz

Topic: Israel
Scripture(s): Acts 5:1-12  
Description: When we regard the church as the thing in itself apart from Israel, that is, by disregarding the centrality of Israel in God's purposes, we are "making the part stand for the whole." God is just as much jealous for the whole faith as He is for the whole truth.
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 Man's Petty Kingdom by Art Katz

Topic: Denominations
Scripture(s): John 1:19-34, Joshua 3:3-17  
Description: Art Katz gives a solemn message to a denomination that is going towards establishing a earthly kingdom void of the power of God and the things of God. This is a warning to the Church in our day to be a part of God's eternal heavenly spiritual kingdom.
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 Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Topic: Prophet
Description: If the church is not a prophetic church, it is not the church at all. A message that touches on the prophetic call by examining the prototypical lives of the prophets and particularly Jeremiah.
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 Martyrdom by Art Katz

Topic: Martyrdom
Scripture(s): Acts 6, Acts 7  
Description: An especially poignant, searching examination of a great theme of the Church that is the very issue of the church as the Church of the end time! Martyrdom is quite a neglected subject that is preached on in Christian circles sadly these days.
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 Missing Link by Art Katz

Topic: Christian Life
Description: nil
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 NOR-01 A True Apostle by Art Katz

Topic: Apostle
Description: nil
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 NOR-01 En Autentisk Apostel (A True Apostle) by Art Katz

Topic: Apostleship
Description: nil
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 NOR-02 MysteriumIsraelog Kirken (The Mystery of Israel and the Church) by Art Katz

Topic: Israel
Description: nil
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 NOR-02 The Mystery of God with Israel by Art Katz

Topic: Mystery Of God
Description: nil
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 On Reading the Scriptures by Art Katz

Topic: Scriptures
Description: God has put before us the supreme privilege of a vicarious identification with the subject of the scriptures, namely, His redemptive work toward through and in Israel. And He wants us to enter into the experience of what is being described.
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 Paganism - The Cancer of the Church by Art Katz

Topic: Paganism
Description: Paganism is a growing threat in the very Church itself, and if it is not presently with us, we need to watch out for it, or we will find ourselves unwittingly embracing it.
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