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 Re: outreach

Hi rocklife,

May you feel deeply satisfied by your part in this work. It is a glorious FACT that Jesus died for each and every sin and sinner. Many times, the effects of another person's sin ripples through the lives of others, and we must believe God is able to over-rule in each other person's life too - to bring the consolations to their individual needs. This applies as much to sex offenders, very few of whom make a consciously-controlled adult choice..... it is rather that they have no tools with which to make a consciously-controlled adult choice [i]not[/i] to (sin in this way). This doesn't excuse them, or us from evangelising them. Truly, Jesus is able to change their heart's desires.

 2005/12/8 23:33

 Re: outreach

Hi groh_frog,

I believe I missed your gentle 'touche', when you wrote this -

I wasn't sure what your reply was in reference to.

;-) Just wanted to acknowledge in full.... :-P

 2005/12/8 23:35

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