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 Re: Can someone help me determine what this means?

Thanks Guys.

I have the answer i need now :)

I must clarify that i NEVER thought that it meant that one was to eat his own waste, that was an argument a non-believer was hurling back at me.

God Bless

Michael Hancock

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The basic falicy here is in not recognizing the distinction between the Old Testament and the New. The Old testament is full of types, shadows, pictures, and prophecies conserning Christ.

To entertain the 'strange things" sometimes stated in the OT and not view them in light of the New Testament is a falicy which leads to strange teachings.

Christ in the New Testament is the Realty of all the old testament types and shadows. Today, we are in the New Testament age and our appreciation of the OT is only in regards to the foundation laid for the bringing in of the new. We do not derive doctrine, practice, or teaching from the OT. Our understanding is governed by the New Testament revelation of Christ, HIs redemption, and our union with Him through faith and the indwelling Spirit.


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