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With Jesus going on before me,
Flooded with light, shall my path be ---
He, who I follow, is the light of lights;
Scattering away millions of nights!

With Jesus going on before me,
What dark cloud shall not flee?
Hath darkness ever buried light?
Doth not the sun swallow up night?

Dark, cannot my ways be then:
For He who giveth light to all men,
Hath become my guide and stay:
After this sun of life shall I ever bray!

Dark cloud doth the old dragon release
Into my path oft; staining my peace
In this narrow passage to Beulah land:
In all, victory is in holding His hand!

Thy footprints, O Jesus, let me behold ---
Thy glance, frown and smile, I'll hold
Unto as to a treasure, yea, untold riches:
Lo, the paths of life are full of ditches!



Ojoje Adeyi

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Job 28:7 - No bird of prey knows that path; no falcon’s eye has seen it.

"A path, to wit, in the dark depths and bowels of the earth. The vulture; whose eye is very quick and strong, and which searcheth all places for its prey, but cannot reach to these places, which yet the wisdom of man by the direction of God’s providence findeth out."

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Preparing For A Time Of Suffering By Carter Conlon:

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"The Christian's Secret To A Happy Life - The Chariots Of God" By Hannah Whitall Smith

"It has been well said that "earthly cares are a heavenly discipline." However, they are even something better than discipline they are God's chariots, sent to take the soul to its high places of triumph.

They do not look like chariots. Instead, they look like enemies, sufferings, trials, defeats, misunderstandings, disappointments, unkindnesses. They look like misery and wretchedness waiting to roll over us and crush us into the earth. But if could we see them as they really are, we would recognize them as chariots of triumph in which we may ride to those heights of victory for which our souls have been longing and praying. The difficulty is the visible thing. The chariot of God is the invisible. The King of Syria came up against Elisha with horses and chariots that could be seen by every eye, but God had chariots that could be seen by none except the eye of faith. The servant of the Prophet could only see the outward and visible. In 2 Kings 6:15 he cried, "Alas, my Master! how shall we do?'' But Elisha sat calmly within his house without fear, because his eyes were opened to see the invisible. All he asked for his servant was, "Lord, I pray Thee open his eyes that he may see" (2Kings6:17).

This is the prayer we need to pray for ourselves and for one another, "Lord, open our eyes that we may see." The world all around us, as well as around the Prophet, is full of God's horses and chariots waiting to carry us to places of glorious victory. And when our eyes are opened, we will see in all the events of life, whether great or small, whether joyful or sad, a "chariot" for our souls."


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"Hidden Smile of Providence" By Steve Lawson

Key verses:
[Gen 42:36] 36 And Jacob their father said unto them, Me have ye bereaved [of my children]: Joseph [is] not, and Simeon [is] not, and ye will take Benjamin [away]: all these things are against me.

[Rom 8:28] 28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

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