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 How does on explain this?

Saints honestly I'm not making this up. There is a man who profess to be converted out of a major cult. He professes to be a brother in Christ He has something of a regional ministry. He has had some success in bringing people out of this cult.

Yet in the course of this past year this man has publicly denied the eternal nature of hell. He believes all will be saved including the devil and his angels. He has embraced Preterism. He has embraced modality denying the Trinity.

Given the above can such a man still be considered a believer.

Asked by Blaine Scogin

 2014/2/22 7:33

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Central Iowa

 Re: How does on explain this?

What does the Word say in regards to someone preaching "another gospel"?
"Let him be accursed"

Robert Richtsmeier

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Mr. Bear, out of the thousands and thousands of times we hear stories like this, and they are not new, this stuff goes way back, same story different day. This is and will be just more "signs of the times" and should draw the "real" believers even closer to Christ, away from the deception. The "Real Gospel" is out there, but folks still have a free will. Personally what has worked for me "since I don't have a Church home at the moment" is spend as much time alone with the Lord as I can. I have never been lead astray in my one on one time, only grown closer in my understanding, there is no better preacher or teacher of the Gospel than the Holy Spirit, man can confuse, God can never confuse.


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Irreparable harm is done to Christ and the Cross, when someone teaches that all will be saved eventually, even the Devil and his angels.

This makes Christ's suffering and death, meaningless.


The Devil and his angels cannot be saved, because salvation only takes place in the Body and is by faith. You cannot identify with Christ, be buried with Him in baptism and raised to newness of life as a spirit, You must have a body. Man sinned in the Body and that is why salvation must come in the body. After death, the judgment. If Jesus did not need a body ("A body thou hast prepared for me", Hebrews), and did not need to come and live victoriously as an overcomer in the body so that we could, also, then He would not have.

This man does not understand the propitiatory death of Christ and the relationship between sin in the body (through a person) and salvation in the body, (through a PERSON).

Christ has made no provision for those who sinned as spirits, angels.

The Devil has seen the Father and the Son, and spurned their rule over him. Therefore, he cannot have faith and will not repent. He is a liar and a deceiver and always will be. He cannot be trusted and proves that every day in his warfare against the Bride. He is not about to repent. He only lives to kill, steal and destroy. Are we going to believe Christ's estimation of him or some human's twisting of the Scriptures?

The rebellion that took place in heaven will never happen again. The only beings that are going to heaven are those who have been saved in the body and demonstrated true faith by a turning away from Satan, the flesh and the world and lovingly submitted to Christ. People who don't submit to the Christ, will be with the Devil and his angels.

Why has the Devil fought with Christ all these thousands of years? Where is his change of heart? According to Revelation, he is planning to destroy the Bride and then what, we all live happily ever after? Is Christ a deranged sadist? That is what Ultimate Reconciliation makes him out to be. It also makes Him out to be a fool, since there was no reason to die. Just force everyone to have a repentant heart and love you. That begs the question, when the Devil rebelled, why didn't the Lord offer him forgiveness right then and there and restore him rather than allow his onslaught against the Bride for thousands of years? Ultimate Reconciliation supporters ring hollow if they tell you that Christ is allowing the Devil to perfect the Church, because what is the mechanism for perfecting the Devil and conforming him to the image of Christ? Oh, God is just going to forgive him and this incredible act of love is going to change the Devil's heart and make him so grateful. Actually, the Devil will only see God as a fool, just another one that he deceived.

Ultimate reconciliation is a doctrine of devils.

 2014/2/22 11:43

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 Re: agree!

Just-in is exactly right.

God sent His Son, and the Son fully agreed to go on the mission to save men. It was a very big deal, and there was no other way to save men than to have Jesus die on the cross. Long and anguished night of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, three appeals by Jesus to search out another way to accomplish the task- there was no other way.

We humans are given to wishy-washy. We punish the innocent, praise and idolize the wicked. We call letting people off the hook compassion, and ridicule those who hold fast to righteous principles. God the Father, the moral governor of the universe does not have those options. Either His law holds firm, or it must completely unravel. His love and honor cannot allow that. If He were wishy-washy, the chaos would implode everything instantly.

Ultimate universal salvation is a very old heresy. You can see it in the serpent's appeal to Eve in the garden "You surely won't die..." Well, he lied there and he has been lying ever since.

This gospel we have come to believe is true, honorable, permanent, and eternal. Those who reject it will never inherit the kingdom, they would be far more miserable if they were forced to live in it. Because God is full of love and compassion, He has prepared an appropriate destination for Satan, his angels, and human unbelievers. It is the best He can do for those who reject Him.

And the Biblical witness is that this is both permanent and eternal.

Serious business!

Tom Cameron

 2014/2/22 13:21Profile

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