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Haha im aware of that Krispy. i just wanted to point that out so there are no hard feelings between anybody.

But it seems that this thread is getting too heated. So im out.

Please beloved dont let these discussions create division. They do much harm.

Brother Greg forgive me if i have caused this thread to go haywire with my "silly" comment. I would ask this thread to be locked.




 2012/11/13 14:40Profile


Yea, I'm with you Elias. I'm not here to fight with anyone. Especially Neil, no matter how much he loves to fight... I'm not interested.

Nice talking to you, Elias!


 2012/11/13 14:44


you see, around here, they bend over backwards, "no political threads".....only if its something THEY find uncomfortable....thats the leaven of the pharisee....but speak out against the roman institution?

no no no, cant have that.

what this past cycle boiled down to was what you saw during the Reconstruction period of 1865-1872, pure and simple, but folks are too cowardly to fess up to that.

even "evangelicals", who will hyperventilate over a MORMON candidate...a MORMON, thats all they could dredge up.

 2012/11/13 14:45


Especially Neil, no matter how much he loves to fight... I'm not interested.

you're wrong, i dont love to fight, i loathe hypocrisy and lies.

 2012/11/13 14:50

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 Re: Elias

by HezWelling on 2012/11/13 8:45:56

even "evangelicals", who will hyperventilate over a MORMON candidate...a MORMON, thats all they could dredge up.


Dear Neil I say this with all love brother, its Babylon come out from her, this is just a distraction truly.

God bless

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hi, a good question wa asked during the unchristlike attacking. what are the souths interest? right to work, no gay marriage, abortion only to protect the mother or from rape,fiscal responsibility and prosperity for those who live in the state.we are tired of people who live in states that are broke telling us how to do things we are tired of shipping millions of barrels of oil to you and never getting paid from the government for it.we also want freedom of the worship of Jesus with under God in our pledge and manger scenes and christmas carols in our public places.etc...jimp

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America's Heartand


There is also a deeper way to look a those thinking about a succession.

The true divide is far less "north" or "south" than it is urban/inner city verses the rest of the country.

Have you looked at a county by county map of the 2012 election? If you do you will notice that the VAST majority of counties in EVERY state except a few northeastern states (5, I think) and Hawaii voted overwhelmingly for Romney.

For example, Obama handily carried his home state of Illinois. However, he only actually carried 23 counties in Illinois. HE LOST 79 COUNTIES IN HIS HOME STATE! Basically 78% of the counties in his home state voted against him!

That was true in virtually all states except the few northeastern ones and Hawaii.

What really is ticking so many Americans off is that a few inner cities votes are controlling the entire taxation system, process of election, and all major policies.

Recall the battleground of Ohio? They had 15 counties vote for Obama. There are 88 counties in Ohio. That means 73 counties voted for Romney...yet this small inner city groups are controlling the entire rest of the nation. All a candidate has to do is win about 25 total cities in the whole of US and the deck is stacked against the entire rest of the country.

If you feel I may be exaggerating then give the map at the link below a look. It shows the US election results in a county by county format. Perhaps that will help you see why so many Americans are balking at being controlled in so many venues of life by a few cities.

You will see that outside of the inner city/metro areas that Obama won virtually nothing.


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The shameful fighting you see in this thread is an excellent reminder why political themes are no longer allowed here. I am shutting this down with the request that no new ones be started. Please, brethren, let us turn our backs on the transitory darkness and gaze unto the eternal glory of Christ.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2012/11/13 18:01Profile

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