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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Brother Denny Kenaston Diagnosed with Brain Tumor - pray

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 Re: Brother Denny Kenaston Diagnosed with Brain Tumor - pray


I heard his missionary children flew back from Africa yesterday.

Oh God, have mercy!

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Continue to pray saints. Brother Denny has had a tremendous influence on my life as many others. Oh the God would allow this precious brother to be amongst us more to edify and build the kingdom of God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Truly a precious brother. One of God's gentlemen.
Praying for mercy that meets us where we are and grace that lifts us into His perfect will.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: Brother Denny Kenaston Diagnosed with Brain Tumor - pray

We have been praying for Denny and his family.

Any updates Greg?

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 Re: Brother Denny Kenaston Diagnosed with Brain Tumor - pray

I will pray !!!

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Is there any news on brother Denny yet??

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 Re: Dear Brother Denny

This was posted Wednesday on a website for Denny. I still don't have any more recent update, but I'm hoping something was announced this Sunday, so perhaps an update will turn up soon. All I can say is KEEP PRAYING!!!

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2012 7:37 AM, WAT
Biopsy Today. . .

Just wanted to give a brief update about the plans for my father. My mom and dad and brother-in-law Andrew had a consultation with the Dr yesterday afternoon. They were able to see the slide from the MRI for the first time. Mom said it was very sobering to see the 2 1/2 in. tumor on the screen. Because of the size of the tumor, it is important to go ahead with the biopsy. So, the biopsy has been scheduled for 12pm today. This is a totally new experience for my parents and of course a bit frightening. There are always risks involved when you disturb the brain and we would really appreciate your prayers for a smooth procedure. Pray for peace for all of us. Pray for a steady hand and lots of wisdom for the Drs.
Secondly, the children and I were able to change the tickets that we had for this summer. We are flying out of Abuja this evening and would appreciate your prayers for a non-eventful trip and ‘angel dust’ on the children during the long hours of travel. We arrive in Indianapolis tomorrow at 3pm. Daniel and Christy and family are also flying out of Ghana Friday night, arriving on Saturday. These long trips are never easy – especially when done at such short notice, but we are so grateful that the Lord has opened the doors for us to return and be with our parents during this time. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support. The outpouring of love we sense from the many journal entries is a huge blessing and encouragement to our hearts! -Beka

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 Re: Brother Denny Kenaston Diagnosed with Brain Tumor - pray

Oh LORD, please heal Brother Denny!!!

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for you sake lord so people will glorafie you ,

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Following is the link to Denny's CaringBridge website. You'll neeed a CaringBridge account, but it's really easy to make one. They've already made a number of updates, so you'll want to see it. (They don't know yet if the tumor is cancerous, though.)


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