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 400,000 former Anglicans worldwide seek immediate unity with Rome

[b]400,000 former Anglicans worldwide seek immediate unity with Rome[/b]

Leaders of more than 400,000 Anglicans who quit over women priests are to seek immediate unity with Rome under the apostolic constitution announced by Pope Benedict XVI. They will be among the first to take up an option allowing Anglicans to join an “ordinariate” that brings them into full communion with Roman Catholics while retaining elements of their Anglican identity.

The Pope’s move is regarded by some Anglicans as one of the most dramatic developments in Protestant christendom since the Reformation gave birth to the Church of England 400 years ago. ...

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 2009/10/23 5:18Profile

 Re: 400,000 former Anglicans worldwide seek immediate unity with Rome

And so it begins. The Catholic Church has never gave up on the idea of bringing "Protestants," back into the fold. The spirit behind Catholicism is still strong and is on the rise again, even if the number of attendess have fallen. IN mayn parts of the world you have Catholic"Charismatics," who intermingle with pentecostals. It is amazing to see many of these pentecostals(I would consider myself one, for lack of a better phrase) who have literally no discernment and who would break fellowship with people who speak against the heresies of Rome rather than break fellowship with their Catholic charismatic friends who remain loyal to the Catholic faith. Catholicism embraces many things around the world as long as they bow the knee to the teaching authority of the Pope..........Frank

 2009/10/23 10:40

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Good chance that many protestant denominations may follow.


 2009/10/23 11:00Profile

 Re: Same Daddy

It just shows you the true nature of the "Church of England" to begin with. They always were of the same spirit. The bishop of London and the bishop of Rome have always been but brothers in an argument. It would not surprise me a bit if Rome instigated this rebellion in the first place, through shadow plants in Anglicanland that promoted women Priests to stir the pot up.....and then waited with open arms to receive the wayward children back as a good father always will.

These people are devious...but in the end, so what? One is as much an enemy to the gospel as the other.

 2009/10/23 13:52

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The narrow gate is indeed narrow.

 2009/10/23 15:23Profile


I read about this.... It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

 2009/10/23 15:43

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