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As to the Emperor and the charge of high treason against us, Caesar's safety lies not in hands soldered on. We invoke the true God for the Emperor. Even if he persecute us, we are
bidden pray for them that persecute us, as you can read in our books which are not hidden, which you often get hold of. We pray for him because the Empire stands between us and the end
of the world. We count the Caesars to be God's vice-regents and swear by their safety (not by their genius, as required). As for loyalty, Caesar really is more ours than yours; for it was our God who set him up. It is for his own good, that we refuse to call the Emperor God; Father of his Country is a better title. No Christian has ever made a plot against a Caesar; the famous conspirators and assassins were heathen, one and all. Piety, religion, faith are our best offering of loyalty.
... Tertullian (Quintus S. Florens Tertullianus) (160?-
230?), Apology [ca. 193], quoted in The Influence of
Christ in the Ancient World, T. R. Glover, New Haven:
Yale University Press, 1929, p. 34

 2009/10/22 11:13

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 Re: Tertullian

1 Timothy 2v1-2 to pray for all who are in authority, that we may have a quite and peaceable life.

That heart that the early Christians had seem somewhat lost nowadays.

But, God is able...

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