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As a lay-minister with the Canadian Revival Fellowship and living in the headquarters here in Regina, SK, Canada. I have unique access to many of the older tapes on the Canadian Revival and the men involved such as: Ralph and Lou Sutera, Bill Mcleod, Richard Sipley and many more. I will be over the next month or so be adding many of these "gems" to Sermonindex.

You can download freely over 150 powerful sermons by Bill Mcleod here:

I just listened to this message and very blessed and challenged by it:

Ideals For Revival Prayer Meetings by Bill McLeod

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: { newsletter} OVER 100 BILL MCLEOD SERMONS ADDED!

This is really wonderful! I remember several years ago going through cassette tapes from CRF and pulling out messages from my 'favorite speakers', like Bill McCleod, Gerhard DuToit, the Suteras, and a few others. One of my favorites is the Honey Dipper by Glen Shepherd. That message makes me weep every time I listen to it. It gave me one of my first glimpses of how precious the Father/Child relationship is in the life of a Christian. Another speaker who has greatly blessed me is Dorie Van Stone. For the sake of the ladies who listen to sermons here on SI, it would be wonderful see some of her messages put up. Maybe a few people out there have read her book, 'Nobody Loves Me'.

I'm excited to see some of the messages from CRF be preserved in this way. There are indeed many gems to be found in the archives of this ministry.

May the Lord bless you with wisdom, discernment and good success in this project, brother!


 2009/1/19 23:30

 Re: { newsletter} OVER 100 BILL MCLEOD SERMONS ADDED!


This is great news.


I can not wait for the Ralph and Lou Sutera sermons also.

Is there an easy way to download all 150 sermons?

Please make it easier to get them all without doing one at a time or even just a few a time. Can you list all 150 sermons on one page?

 2009/1/20 17:58

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I have just listened to "Ideals For Revival Prayer Meetings". There is such depths of truth in this sermon that I will need to listen to it again and again. Thank you.

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