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 Re: Which book do you recommend me to read in this list?

Hi there

Many on the list I haven't heard of either!

Have you any thought on what theme you have in mind for your class? Do you want to do a discussion, Bible study, choose a controversial subject, do something on practical Christian living, or what?

If you want to have a discussion on practical problems of the Christian life and faith, a sometimes controversial modern author might be Phillip Yancy.

He's not guaranteed to be Biblically "sound" but he makes you think! He's not afraid to tackle subjects such as the problem of suffering, when prayer doesn't seem to be answered, etc. Unlike many he isn't afraid to admit that there are no simple answers to some questions. He's also easy to read. I think one of his books is called "Where is God When it Hurts?"

I read something by O Hallesby as a student, and remember it blessed me, but can't remember what he said (it was many years ago!)!

Watchman Nee, JC Ryle and Andrew Murray are good for Bible and devotional topics. I heard of RA Torrey but don't think I ever read anything of his. Jim Packer is supposed to have gone a bit astray, but that was the impression given by a group of fellow students who were ready to cry "heresy" at the slightest difference from their doctrinal opinions, so I don't know.

I wouldn't touch anything of Bill Hybels, from the little I've heard of him.

Unless you want to discuss why he's wrong?

If you're still not sure what to choose, ask the Lord!



 2007/9/24 18:36

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 Re: recommended books

If it was me doing this project, I'd choose D. A. Carson "The Gagging of God". Carson addresses modern theological concerns and is an gifted speaker among those in acedemia.

I would also recommend something by Henri Nouwen: ex 'Reaching Out" He addresses some of the blind spots of Evangelicalism from a relational perspective, more than a theological (my opinion).

Of course writers all have their specialties - as well as blind spots. I think it is good to move beyond the ones you are comfortable with and see life through someone else's eyes. Just because you don't fully agree with someone doesn't mean that person has nothing to offer you. At least they can get you thinking.

EDIT: I just ordered "Gagging" and realize that it is 600+ pages, and likely heavy reading. Perhaps it is not such a good recommendation unless you have lots of time.



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 Re: Which book do you recommend me to read in this list?

I am not familar with all of these authors but am with a few.

J.I. Packer's "Knowing God" is an excellent read.

Philip Yancey: I have read all his books until he wrote "What is So Amazing About Grace" which just about made me gag. However, before this he co-authored with Dr. Paul Brand "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" and "Pain: the Gift Nobody Wants". These plus "Where is God When it Hurts" are an excellect read, IMHO.

Even if you are not interested in sharing in class the content of the books by Philip Yancey/Dr. Brand, they would bless you greatly if you could read them for the inspiration they provide. I suggest you google Dr. Paul Brand: you may find some very interesting things on the web that could whet your interest more.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Which book do you recommend me to read in this list?

This is a difficult question to answer, because we don't know what you want to address. That, however, is quite a diverse list.

Personally, I would lean in the direction of Carson, Packer, Ryle, or even Bridge's "The Pursuit of Holiness". Ryle's "Holiness" is great. Packer's "Knowing God" and many of his earlier works are wonderful, including his "Introduction to the Death of Death in the Death of Christ". This is available on line to get a flavor of some of his thinking.

Murray is Murray and is very good in many ways, although I think he should be tempered by a reading of Warfield's critique of his views on the Holy Spirit. I initially did not like Warfield's critique, but when you can step back a bit more and really consider what Warfield is saying it is quite profound.

I cannot recommend Hybels or Yancey, although Yancey is better.

Carson's books address such diverse issues that it is difficult where to say to begin - "Sovereignty of God and Responsibility of Man" is quite good, "Spiritual Reformation" is good, and, as mentioned, "The Gagging of God", although a big book.

Anyway, if you know what you want to talk about, then I might be able to be more specific, but that's a basic overview.

 2007/9/25 22:42Profile

 Re: Which book do you recommend me to read in this list?


Warrior4Jah wrote:
Dear brothers and sisters!

This year every student is supposed to give a class with a theme you can choose yourself. So one is allowed to do a biblestudy with classmates or to have a discussion, to share your own heart, or to teach something which you find important with faith, etc. The only requirement is that you have to read a book.

Now we got a list with books and since I'm not familiar with every author I was wondering if you guys can pick out some good ones authors.

- Watchman Nee
- John White
- J. Bridges
- J.C. Ryle
- Richard J.Beckmen
- D.A. Carson
- O. Hallesby
- Andrew Murray
- Elisabeth Alves
- Michael Kimuli
- A Hamman
- Alexandre Westphal
- M. Basil Pennington
- Gustave Reiniger
- Juston Cornwall
- Jack Taylor
- Bill Hybels
- Alistair McGrath
- Ed Murphy
- Henri Nouwen
- R.A. Torrey
- Philip Yancey
- J. Bridges
- L. Payne
- B. Seamands
- B. Manning
- J.I. Packer

Now I know that Andrew Murray and Watchman Nee is good, somewhere vaguely I remember John White possibly be a good author. R.A. Torrey rings a vague bell.. Bill Hybels and J.I. Packer are going to be dropped from the list for sure, but I just put them on the list for completeness sake. :-)[/quote

Actually I prefer Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Acts and all those other guys that wrote the BOOK authored by the HOLY SPIRIT.

 2007/9/25 22:46

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 Re: Which book do you recommend me to read in this list?

I would say Bible that is the best book to start with.
I also recommend Pilgrims progress by John Bunyan. You will find it very encouraging.


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Wow, so many replies! Thanks a lot people. :-)
I'm not sure yet what I would like to do, like a discussion, bible study or something else.

I know that I'm concerned with the life-style of some of my classmates. Personally I know that following Jesus is going all the way with Him. Its about having a relationship with Him, so wanting to go after God that you are willing to drop everything in your life that hinders that. But at the other side I know that I at times struggle with that (just look at my older 'discipline' thread).

Things I've noticed which are quite weird is that some of my classmates listen to comedians which are calling names, cussing and say many ungodly things. Or people loving music with lyrics which are quite 'weird' for a Christian. Now you don't have great relationship with God if you don't do these things, but it just doesn't fit being a Christian liking things which God hates.

So I guess its about holiness or what it means to follow Christ from a biblical perspective, having a relationship with God. I'll also pray for it.

Jonathan Veldhuis

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The Bible

Doug Renz

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read the first post

Ian Smith

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