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 The devil's best customers! -brooks

[b]The devil's best customers![/b]

(Brooks, "The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures")

"God will surely judge people who are immoral." Heb. 13:4

If men will not judge them, God Himself will, and give
them a portion of misery answerable to their transgression.
Sometimes He judges them in this life--by pouring forth of
His wrath upon their bodies, souls, consciences, names and
estates. But if He does not thus judge them in this life, He
will be sure to judge them in the life to come! Yes, He has
already adjudged them "to the fiery lake of burning sulfur,"
Revelation 21:8

The unchaste are the devil's best customers! Oh, the
thousands of men and women who are sent to hell for
immorality! Other sins are toilsome and troublesome,
but sexual immorality is pleasant, and sends men and
women merrily to hell!

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