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 "the cleansing power of Jesus" - wood

"Some of the precious results of the cleansing power of Jesus in my soul have been:-

"1. A sacred nearness to God my Savior. The distance between God and my soul has appeared annihilated, and the glory and presence of divinity have often appeared like a flood of sunlight, surrounding, penetrating, and pervading my whole being. . .

"2. A sense of indescribable sweetness in Christ. The fact that He is 'the Rose of Sharon'; 'the lily of the valley'; 'the brightness of His [the Father's] glory'; and 'altogether lovely' has at time so penetrated my soul as to thrill and fill it with ecstatic rapture. How lovely has the dear Savior appeared to my soul, and how strong the attraction my heart has felt toward Him! How I love Him!

"3. A deep, realizing sense of spiritual things. Bible truth has appeared transformed into solid realities. The doctrines of the Gospel have become to me tangible facts, and my soul has triumphed in them as eternal [i]verities[/i].

"4. A surprising richness and fullness of meaning in the Scriptures, which I had not before realized. Many portions of the Word, which I had hitherto but little understood, now appeared full of meaning, and exceedingly precious. . .

"5. A triumph over temptation more complete and habitual. When Satan comes he finds the sympathies and affinities of my soul strongly against him; hence he receives no favorable response. . .

"6. A great increase in spiritual power. This have I realized in my closet devotions, in my pastoral duties, and especially in the ministrations of the blessed truth. Blessed by the Lord, I have learned by experience that men may receive the Holy Ghost in [i]meausre[/i] limited only by their [i]capacity to receive[/i] and feeble [i]ability to endure[/i]. . .
"This increase of power has delivered me from slavish fear of man, or of future evil. It has given me such love to the Savior and to His glorious Gospel as to make all my duties sweet and delightful. . .

"7. A clear and distinct witness of purity through the blood of Jesus. . .

"8. A disposition to tell the blessed story of Christ, and his 'great salvation'. O for a thousand seraph toungues to publish the glad tidings to perishing men!

"In this narrative of my religious experience I have eneavoured to give a simple statement of facts, regardless of what mistaken good men or wicked men may think or say. I would as soon deny God as to flee before the offense of the cross, or quail under the reproach of Christ. Like Peter and John I 'can not but speak the things which I have seen and heard.'"

-John Allan Wood

From "They Found the Secret" by V. Raymond Edman

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 Re: "the cleansing power of Jesus" - wood

The writings of this man have been a true blessing in my walk with the Lord. He tells of that reality of Christ in us and lived it!


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