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Joined: 2006/7/6
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 GOD is good, I must believe HIS blessing

I must resist doubting HIS forgiveness that is so total HE wants me to receive greater grace as I admit my utter inability to perform HIS righteousness that HE requires. Oh I want to stay in love with HIM longer then ever before, how will I prevent the inevitable hardening of my heart as I turn to back to self, which I am sure is inevitable, GOD your my GOD, YOU are worthy of more...

...and we KNOW all things work for good...

I want to be for HIS honor, HIS good, HIS glory and let that be the joy of my strength.


 2007/2/1 16:39Profile

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 Re: GOD is good, I must believe HIS blessing

I'm sorry two, too.
GOD prefers us to love people in a way they can receive. HE doesn'y like people saying more the HE does whether about show bread, or women.

I hope HIS Spirit convicts those that are HIS for the best outcome.

I want what brother Quinn is needing too.

 2007/2/1 17:06Profile

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