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Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 8 July, 2006 [/b]

The alarm sounded at 5:45am, it was time to get up spend some time in prayer, and bible
reading before heading to the church prayer meeting.

The prayer meeting began at 7am, and we had to have it wrapped up at 8am since it was
the day for the evangelism training day.

Then the mad rush began, people started to line up everywhere to enter into the church to
begin the Way of the Master evangelism training day. By 9:20am all people were inside,
and the number looked like 150 people in attendance.

John Legg from Way of the Master Australia started the day off by preaching his sermon
“Faithful Servant”, which is about why we should share our faith. After that the day went
into showing “Hells Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion” (Listen free at:

All the people in attendance were excited about the training, and they were grasping the
concept of the importance of sharing Jesus with people. The final session was about a
more practical way to share your faith. Then at 3:30pm the official training finished, and
we threw it open for whoever then wanted to come out on the streets to witness.

We had already decided to take anyone that came down the Gold Coast to witness at
Caval Ave. Not to many went down the Gold Coast, but a few of the youth came out, and
they were fired up to share their faith.

In total we spent about 2 hours on the Coast sharing our faith, with alot of tracts handed
out, and heaps of great one to one witnessing occurring. As we were leaving I saw a line
outside of Subway, so I open air preached to a bunch of American athletes who were over
here for some sporting event, they weren’t two friendly, and one decided to give me a
good push. But in the end they all took tracts.

After this we headed back up to our normal stomping grounds of the Queen street mall in
Brisbane. I had to pick up some more of our regular team on the way up, and then once in
the mall we began to preach Christ.

Andrew was the first man up to open air for the night, and he preached for about 15
minutes. After that alot of one to ones occurred. Which was great since the new people
were putting in that which they had learnt through out the day.

At around 10pm I got up to preach my sermon on the ‘Greatest Gamble’, God brought a
nice crowd along to listen to the preaching, over all I preached for about 30 minutes, and
then as before alot of one to ones occurred.

It was during this time we found out that a soul was saved. It turns out that the previous
week he was spoken to by one of our team members, and he was given a tract. Now this
man spent all week thinking about it, and checking the bible to see if it was true. Then
after the Spirit of God drawing him, the man came to a place of repentance, this Saturday
night on the street.

The witnessing continued to just after midnight, then we all made the long journey back

God Be Praised for an awesome night!

Josh Williamson

 2006/7/10 1:05Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Wednesday, 12 July, 2006 [/b]

We decided for a change of witnessing locations today, so we headed down to the sunny
Gold Coast. We were witnessing right along the beach front in the tourist strip which was
packed with people from all over the world.

At this time of year Surfers Paradise is packed with alot of Muslims from the Middle East
since they come over to Australia to escape to unbearable heat of their homeland.

So Josh Michael, and myself headed down the Coast. We arrived there about lunch time
which was a great time to witness as the mall was jammed full of people.

We started to hand out tracts, and they were going really quickly. People came up from
everywhere asking if they could have more, and that attracted a larger crowd of people
wanting to see what others were getting.

Josh Michael started to witness to a lady from ‘Ripley’s Believe it or not’, she was into
relativism, and there is no moral absolutes.

While he was doing that I was handing out tracts up the top of the mall, then entered the
Gold Coast City Council, with the big speech on “You cannot do that here”. So I spoke to
her, and asked “What law says I cannot do this”, she replied “Your touting”, so I pointed
out that ‘touting’ talks about a business sense according to the Gold Coast city council,
and even showed her the law, that I had came with. She said she would call someone
else, and then left.

After this Josh Michael gave a tract to a employee from Hungry Jacks (Burger King), she
then came back out after 10 minutes and said “I didn’t realise it was a gospel tract, could
I have some more to give to my staff?”, of course we gave her more, and then gave her
the contact details of ‘The Great News Network’ (

Not long after this a large group of youth approached, with a couple of teachers with
them. So we gave them all tracts, and the teacher approached me, and was excited since
she had just learnt ‘The Way of the Master’ at their church.

We were only down there for about 1 hour, and over 500 tracts were handed out in that

Josh Williamson

 2006/7/13 0:18Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Friday, 14 July, 2006 [/b]

After the success of Wednesday’s witnessing down the Sunny Gold Coast, we decided to
go for round two, except today the Weather was cold, and windy, with overcast

We arrived down the Coast, and handed out a few tracts to get warmed up. There were
alot of Muslims again, all of them friendly and open to talk about the things of God. Not
long into the day the enemy launched the first attack.

I handed out a tract to a couple of tourists, and no sooner than I had done that when a
Gold City Council worker approached me, and yelled at me to stop, and explain myself.
So I told him what I was doing, and that made him more angry. He then started to curse
me, and say that I was touting on the streets, and breaking the law. So I explained to him
that I wasn’t touting according to the Local Law. He then went on cursing me, yelling
that I was no being a public nuisance, and that I must leave or be arrested.

I asked what law was I breaking, he refused to answer. So I asked a second time, he just
swore at me. So I kept handing out tracts. He then let out a few very choice four letter
words, and ran to the police station.

The Police came down, and explained what the council worker had said, but then said
that Queensland Police had no power to arrest me, or even charge me, as I am not
breaking any state law. He went on to say however that the city council could fine me
under local law, then I could be arrested.

He then asked what I would do, I informed him that I would keep on telling people about
Jesus. The cop smiled, and said ‘Good on ya’, then walked off. The Council worker then
started in on me again. This time screaming a few more four letter words, he then called
the local law officer. Both the council, and the police told me I had to stay where I was,
and wait for the local law officer to come and fine me $500!

So I stayed right where they told me to stay, which happened to be the busiest part of the
mall, so I gladly stood there handing out tracts to whoever walked past. This angered the
council worker even more.

After a bit of abuse the council worker walked off, I watched him walk down the mall.
He then stopped and spoke to a man who worked in a shop in the mall, and start abusing
him. The man he abused smiled, and then came up to me saying “Praise the Lord!” It
turns out he is a Christian from a local church which does alot of street evangelism. He
had come up to encourage me in the faith.

He then explained why the council worker was so vile about the gospel. It turned out the
council worker used to go to the same church as the Christian brother, and the Pastor
addressed him over sin in his life, this made the man angry, and hate the gospel. Now as a
result he hates all Christians.

I waited for over 3 hours, but no local law official came, just the same council worker
over, and over again. Each time opening fire with a volley of cursing. But then I hit a
problem, I ran out of tracts! So I decided it was time to leave, so we started to make our
way out of the mall.

Mick was with me, and he was handing out tracts to everyone we passed, we then got alot
of really good one to ones.

Praise God that His Word will not return void!

Josh Williamson

 2006/7/15 2:21Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 15 July, 2006 [/b]

The drought in Brisbane continues, but at least tonight we had a little rain. Which was
just enough to annoy the crowds, and bring the crazy people out!

We arrived up in the city at our normal time, and when we arrived in King George
Square we noticed that Brisbane City Council had built a nice big chalk board for
everyone to write on, so Kate went over to a bunch of Goths who were writing on the
board, and traded them, and Aussie Million tract for a piece of chalk.

So we wrote a nice little gospel message on the board for all to see when they walked
past. After this we had prayer meeting, we spent some time in prayer pleading with God
that by His Sovereign will to save sinners.

After prayer we headed up the Queen street mall, where we saw a large Islander group
singing worship songs in the mall. So we stopped and spoke to them, and they were Way
of the Master friendly, so we asked them to open the preaching up for us, by singing a
couple of songs.

At 9pm they started singing to worship songs, and then we started to preach. We
preached through to about 11:30pm when we decided to call it quits. It was a very hard
night due to the rain. But alot of one to ones occurred, and alot of tracts went out.

[b] Sunday, 16 July, 2006 [/b]

After church this morning the Evangelism committee decided to head down the Gold
Coast to do some practical outreach. We arrived down the Coast at lunch time, so after a
quick fellowship lunch we partnered up, and went out to do some one to one witnessing.

I was partnered with Christine, and we made our way down the mall handing out tracts,
and talking to people. The others were doing the same thing, and all of us were having a
good time in witnessing.

After we regrouped, Josh Michael, and I noticed a large crowd gathered in front of the
beach entrance, under the Surfers Paradise sign. So we made our way over to them. I
jumped up on a ledge and preached about how we see creation around us, and the power
of the sea, and by looking it, we should think of our Creator.

I probably preached for about 20 minutes, and a good size crowd stood and listened.
After I finished the committee handed out tracts to those who had listened most took

After this another street preacher jumped up, and did some open air preaching, and Josh
Michael followed.

Overall it has been a great Weekend!

To God Be the Glory!

Josh Williamson

 2006/7/17 9:11Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 22 July, 2006 [/b]

I was expecting a small turnout tonight, but more people showed up than we expected.
Including Alex who hasn’t been out with us for awhile.

We started to set up in the Queen street mall at 9pm, and Alex had a good idea of setting
up his flip chart to use in the outreach. So while we were battling to set it up, we put the
sign up saying “Free Good Test!”, and people started to stop.

So we decided to leave it up for a bit, and just do one to ones for a time. We did this for
around 2 hours, with alot of people being witnessed to, I got to speak to a Muslim who
just wanted to debate, but I still managed to point out the Gospel of Christ.

At 11pm, we set up to preach. Kevin went first and preached for about 10 mins, a small
crowd gathered. It was a good sermon. After Kevin preached Alex, and I thought that we
would speak on the evil of Abortion. Now if you want to get a large crowd - very quickly.
Start hammering the murder of the unborn.

I had 5 females all who have had abortions screaming at me, and one of them insisting
that she was a Christian. It was really explosive, and I thought I would get attacked very

But they all took out there anger on the flip chart. After this we went back to doing one to
ones til our permit ran out.

Overall it was a great night, and Praise God His Word will not return void!

Josh Williamson

 2006/7/24 1:02Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
Posts: 355
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 29 July, 2006 [/b]

We arrived up in Brisbane city at our normal time, and right away we went into handing out tracts as we made our way across to King George Square. The team gathered for prayer meeting between 1930hrs - 1945hrs, and tonight at prayer meeting I thought it would be good to do something different.

Normally we just start off praying, but I felt as if it would be a good idea to have a quick devotional time. So tonight’s devotion was on Compassion, and it was based from Mark 6:34. It was looking at the importance of having compassion towards those whom we witness, after all we were once lost just like them, and for us to lack compassion appears nothing more than us being self righteous, which is true. If we have not compassion, then we should not stand up and preach. Charles Spurgeon summed up the attitude a Christian witness should have nicely when he said: [i]“Love your fellowmen, and cry about them if you cannot bring them to Christ. If you cannot save them, you can weep over them. If you cannot give them a drop of water in hell, you can give them your heart's tears while they are still in this body.”[/i]

So after this time we waited til 2100hrs before we were allowed into the mall to start the night. We went up to our normal spot in the mall, where Alex, and Kevin both set up their flip charts. It was a good time of one to one witnessing that followed, with people stopping all over the place so we could speak to them.

Although the night was showing signs of being a strange night, as soon as we got into the Queen street mall we noticed non other than the self professed prophet of Revelation himself - Pear. Now Pear when he saw me came across and started to tell me about how he is going to Jerusalem soon to start prophesying the things of the end, but first he had to stay in Australia so that we could be punished by drought for refusing to accept him as a prophet.

I tried to reason with him from the scripture, and but he kept saying if I spoke against him then I was blaspheming the Holy Ghost, he then asked me straight up “Do you think I am a prophet?” I replied, that I didn’t believe he was one, and then he got angry, and started to shout that I would die instantly if I said that he was a liar. That was on Saturday night, and I am still alive today, so I guess he made a false prophesy.

We did one to one for about two hours, and it was really refreshing to do more ‘hand to hand combat’, than just standing and preaching. I was able to speak to a few large groups, including a family from New Zealand who were in Brisbane for the Rugby. The mother’s eyes got red, and teary as she understood the cost of Jesus Christ paying her fine upon the cross. She gladly took a tract, and thanked us for speaking with her.

Just after 2300hrs Kevin got up to preach, and at first it didn’t look like anyone would stop, but then a crowd gathered, and Kevin was able to expound the Word of God to them, one young man called out that the Bible was full of mistakes, so Kevin walked over to him, and handed the man his bible, and said “Find one”. The man flicked through the bible for about five minutes before giving it back to Kevin.

During this time, and multi religion believer appeared on the scene, he had made his own hybrid of beliefs basing it off: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. I pointed out to him that all these beliefs cannot exist as one, since they all run contrary to each other. The man wasn’t prepared to listen, and kept getting angry every time we pointed out that Jesus Christ was the only one who could save him from his sins.

After Kevin’s preaching the large crowd hung around, so one to one witnessing kicked back into gear. When others saw all these people being spoken to, they stopped as well, and wanted to find out more.

It was a good night of witnessing, although we did stay out past our permit time, and council could have fined us if they had chosen to do so. It was about 0115hrs when we finished.

But all the Praise and Glory belongs to God, since He drew people unto Himself.

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Friday, 4 August, 2006 [/b]

Today Mick, Josh, Peter and myself decided to head down to the sunny Gold Coast to do some witnessing.

We arrived just before lunch so we grabbed a quick meal, and then started to witness. Josh Michael, and Mick went one way, and I teamed up with Peter. Pete and I walked along the beach front but it was fairly quiet along there, so we ducked back into the Cavil Avenue.

Peter was handing out a few on the Aussie millions tracts, when we noticed a council worker approaching it. I saw that it was the same council worker that had abused me a few weeks earlier for being a Christian. He didn’t say anything to us, but rather he kept on walking, and then he began talking on his radio.

Peter continued handing out tracts, and the general public were laughing, and thanking us for them, and we even had people come back and ask for more. At this stage I was on the phone, while Peter was still tracting it up.

Then we saw three constables from the Queensland Police Service approach, first they got Peter, and demanded his ID so I went across and started to talk to the police. They informed us that Gold Coast City Council had complained, and we had to leave or be arrested.

This was a surprise, as council is supposed to talk to us, and that Local Law in not a Police issue. So I asked the constable what law we had broken, they replied that we were touting in a public place. I offered to show the police the local law which defines touting as “business, or commercial”. The police then said “Well um… under the police power act, we tell you to move, and you must or be locked up for 24 hours.” They wouldn’t tell us if we were breaking the law, they just kept telling us they could arrest us.

So I asked for the officers name, and numbers, which they refused to give us. So I just wrote down the names from their badges, which made them really angry. They ordered me to leave immediately, and or I will be arrested. But I continued to write down their details, then I asked them what station they were from, which they didn’t want to answer. But finally one of them did answer. But before I could finish writing they again told me to leave, and stop writing. We were then banned from returning to Surfers Paradise for 24 hours.

I finished writing their details, and thanked them for doing a good job. We then walked away, as we were walking back to our car, we noticed a patrol car stop, and the police officers watch us, and then point at us. They were taking this very seriously.

I then called my pastor, and he advice was to call the media, which we did. Both channel 9, and Channel 7 want to do a story on this incident, as in their words “What police did was illegal”.

But Praise God the message got out before being shut down, and our hope, and trust is in Christ, the author and finisher of the faith!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 5 August, 2006 [/b]

Today was a different day, I had arranged earlier in the week for two Jehovah Witnesses missionaries to come around for a chat. They arrived just after 10am, and they were a little bit arrogant when they arrived. Their mission was to convert me, and my mission was to make the true Jesus Christ known.

So we started by me just asking for them to summarise their beliefs, and from the first word they started to attacking the Deity of Jesus Christ, and also to attack the King James Bible. The first I had expected, the second I didn’t see coming since the JW’s used the King James for 70 years.

So they brought up the Deity of Christ, so we discussed that for about 50 minutes. We walked through the scripture, and the younger JW was writing down notes, and saying things like “Wow, I’ve never seen that before” and “That makes a lot of sense”. The older JW just kept saying “I am not sure, but you make a strong case.” Please pray for them. They saw clearly from scripture who Jesus is, but that whole breaking of tradition will be hard for them.

That night we did our normal thing in the city, we started the night off by a having a quick group devotion based off Psalm 24 called - ‘The Purity of the Preacher’, after this we spent time in prayer.

At 9pm we began to open air preach in the Queen street mall, first up was Alex, he did his smokers sermon which he had developed fairly well. He is still working on it, so when its complete it will be a very strong message. After this their was some one to one witnessing for a time.

After this I got up to preach from Proverbs 20:1 - ‘The Booze Sermon’, I was preaching for about 20 minutes, and I was starting to think to myself, “No one is listening, there is only 2 people plus the team here, this is a waste of time”, but then God stepped in, and a crowd began to gather. So I started to preach again going through the Law of God. I had one heckler who said he was good, and never broke a single of the ten commandments in his life, so we went through it, and he realised he wasn’t good.

About this time, a couple of drunk Irish people came along, and started to heckle, their heckling made no sense, they said something about Christian, and then tried to draw me into an open air debate on politics.

Then by far the strangest heckler of all time stepped up, he had some symbol he was wearing that I had seen before, but couldn’t place it. He started to talk about, how there is not Almighty God, and that we came from intelligent beings. Then it clicked, I realised what the symbol was, this man was a Raelian! Never before have I been heckled by a person that believes that Aliens started the earth, and we are their clones. It was interesting to debate with him.

I wrapped up the preaching not long after this, and then the one to ones occurred. Then God started to work an miracle in the hearts of the people in the crowd. People were under heavy conviction. Others were stopping to find out more information. During that time three people repented, and put their trust in Christ. We know of at least four more people who left under strong conviction, and holding back tears. God was working on the hearts.

That really inspired us for the rest of the night! We too also joined along with the angels that rejoiced over the sinners who had repented! To God be the Glory!

[b] Sunday, 6 August, 2006 [/b]

After church this morning we returned to the Gold Coast. The media had arranged to meet us down there but due to a political event most of the media had to go to Brisbane. But Channel 7 did send out a camera man to get some footage in regards to the near arrest of us on Friday.

When we arrived the council worker that had abused me, and called the cops on us walked past us with a big arrogant smirk on his face, and said “How are you guys today?”, we replied that we were well, and kept going.

After lunch we started to hand out tracts, and immediately the same council worker made a complaint. Security came out, with the council workers. Looked at us, wrote some stuff down and then went to get the police. We kept on handing out tracts.

Council workers later on came up, and then they saw the channel 7 camera man, and it was amazing to see how quickly all the council, and security people disappeared. But due to the camera man being there a big crowd gathered. It was so big that we ran out of tracts! All ten of us handed out all our tracts. It was great, hundreds of people got the gospel!

All the praise to GOD!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 12 August, 2006 [/b]

Well it was an interesting night, tonight we had a lot of new people come out. We started prayer meeting just after 7:30pm, we prayed for about 45 minutes. Then after prayer three youth from the revival centres international came across to talk. Now these guys believe you must be baptised in water, and speak in tongues to be saved.

So we spent some time trying to reason with them, but they just wanted to side track us from the main objective of the night, and that was to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We made our way up into the Queen street mall at 9pm, and Andrew was the first preacher up, a nice crowd gathered to listen, and then after that we had a hour of just one to one witnessing. A lot of people were hanging around, and wanted to talk about the gospel.

Then it was Cameron’s turn to have a preach, he probably went for about 10 minutes, expounding how we are all sinners, and we don’t have to be taught how to sin against God. This created a few more good one to ones afterwards.

Not long after that it was my turn to get up and preach. I was speaking on the Greatest Gamble, and it was going well, and then entered the most annoying heckler we have in Brisbane, named Wendy. This was about the third time we have dealt with her, she a homeless drunkard who thinks she is saved, because some ‘Christian’ got her to say a prayer, and then assured her of salvation.

While I was preaching Wendy pushed me off the soapbox, and then she grabbed the sleave of my jacket, and wouldn’t let go. So another heckler grabbed her in a vain effort to help me, so I kept preaching but Wendy kept making so much noise, that I had to wrap it up, and let everyone go back to one to one witnessing.

During this time Andrew and Catherine were dealing with a boy named Chris is back play. This young man seemed to be under extreme demonic attack, his muscles kept contracting, and he couldn’t move. During this time many different voices were coming from him, and he kept blacking out. So we were praying for him, and he started talking in ‘demonic tongues’, as we kept praying for him, he started to show superhuman strength. He nearly pulled my arm out of its socket as I was praying.

Shortly after this James called me over to help him, since he had another guy named Jacob doing the exact same thing. All different demonic voices coming out of him. So I was praying for him, and he started to growl. Then came through the good news. Chris had been set free, and now he was praising Jesus. He had repented, and the change he showed was from night to day.

So we kept praying for Jacob who still growling and carrying on, but after about an hour of prayer he to was set free, and started to Glorify God! Two souls snatched from the grasp of satan.

To God be all the Glory!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 19 August, 2006 [/b]

I didn’t feel like going out on the streets tonight since I have battling to get over the flu. But never the less I went out, but I was going to be open air preaching.

We arrived in King George square at 7:30pm, and we started prayer meeting, while we were praying a man on a bike came and stood among us, so some of the guys began to speak to him. Trev was able to take the man through the good test, and the man started to yell that he was evil. So I spoke to the man, and he had a vile hate towards God, and anything to do with Him. The man wanted some money for a train ticket, but wouldn’t let us buy him one, which makes us think that he wanted the cash for something else. So we bought the man a bottle of coke, even though he had ripped up and spat on a bible. Please keep Steve in your prayers.

We were joined by more people from Kenmore Baptist Church, which brought the team numbers up to over 20 people. Which was a big crew. The majority of who had never been on the streets before.

At 9pm we began to open air preach in the mall, Andrew went first and a very large crowd gathered as he expanded on the Law of God. He had a few good hecklers that helped to grow the crowd. After his open air we did some one to one for a time, and I got to speak to three young Jewish guys, and they were stunned about the Messianic prophecy concerning Jesus Christ.

After this time of one to one, Heather got up to preach. It was her last night with us since she will be returning back to Christchurch, New Zealand. Heather did alright for her second time of preaching, right after her Tanya got up to preach. Tanya had a guy who was a professing Christian heckler her.

After Tanya preached I got to speak to this professing Christian to find out that he had a warped view of God. So I reasoned with him from scripture, but he wouldn’t listen. He was convinced that God was speaking through him, even though he was going against the Word of God.

After this Alex had a preach, he was a bit nervous about getting up. But after awhile he got up, and preached. He had a couple of good hecklers that he dealt with.

Then at the end of the night as we were packing up, a man approached who was familiar with the Way of the Master, and supported it. But he was a foul mouth person. He kept cursing so I spoke to him about that. He was not happy. But his friends thanked us for speaking the truth to him. His name is Joel, so please keep him in your prayers.

Josh Williamson

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