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Cleveland, OH


Those pictures sicken me. God willing continue to endure for Our Lord Christs sake, that he may be glorified in your preaching. Keep on! God bless you

Sean Hobson

 2006/5/9 21:40Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 13 May, 2006 [/b]

We all met in the city at around 7:30pm for a time of prayer. King George square had alot
more people in it than normal. So after we prayed. Tanya stood up to preach.

She got heckled by a Goth, but Tanya was able to deal with the issue, and the Goth
seemed happy with the answer then left. While she was preaching a man approached
Alex, and asked some questions. So Alex started to witness to him. We didn’t think much
about it, until Alex came over to us, and the man followed him.

This man was rambling about the Prophet Elijah, and no rain. So I questioned him from
the scripture. He wouldn’t answer any of the questions. Then he ripped up the tract, and
made a statement that sounded like he was a self made prophet. But then he revealed who
he thought he was, it turns out this guy is supposedly one of the two witnesses of the
book of Revelation.

He was in Brisbane waiting for number two, then they would head over to Israel. Josh
Michael started to quote scripture, and the man screamed while walking off.

After this we went up to the Queen street mall to preach. Josh Michael was the first
preacher up, and he spoke for about fifteen minutes. Then it was Alex’s turn. He
preached a great message on ‘smoking’, and how it will kill us. Then swung it around to

After Alex I had a preach, within minutes I had my first hecklers. I was preaching on lust,
and that seemed to anger quite a few people. But some people stayed to listen to the
whole message. Including one guy who was really shook up.

When I had finished preaching, a heckler from the start of my sermon came back, and
said he was scared of dying. In fact he said he was so scared he left his mates at the
night-club to come, and find out why Christians aren’t scared of death.

Tanya preached next, and after all this we had alot of great in depth one to ones with
people. It appears God is starting to do something as more, and more people are asking
questions about eternity.

Josh Williamson

 2006/5/15 11:16Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 20 May, 2006 [/b]

Another fun filled night in Brisbane city. When we arrived we saw a large crowd
gathered in front of the city hall. So we walked across to see what is happening, then the
sound of many voices singing “I am Australian” caught our ears, so as we circled behind
the crowd, we watched as they sang, then raised their hands as if in a sign of unity.

Then in an instant, the singing stopped, and the people started to quickly leave. So we
went back to speakers corner, I got up and started to preach on being a “Good
Australian”, within seconds of starting a lady yelled out that 400 years ago Australia was
called “South Land of the Holy Ghost”, now that spurred me on a bit more. So I opened
up the law, and a few people stopped to listen. I only preached for about 7 minutes, as I
didn’t want to hurt my voice before the main event in the Queen Street Mall.

It was just after this Heather arrived, and so did our friend from last week, the one who
believes that he is one of the two witnesses of Revelation. He started to curse, so I asked
him not to curse, but he wouldn’t listen.

Then while the team was praying, I was talking to him, with very little success. It didn’t
help to much to have two other Christians tell this foul mouth false prophet that he was

It turns out that those two other Christians had come out just to see how we open air
preach, since word had got around to them. It turns out they are from another Street
preaching team on Friday night, who preaches the “Jesus Loves You” gospel.

After this we met up with Cameron, and then we split into two teams to go hand out the
Da Vinci code tracts around the movie cinema. It was fairly quiet but we got rid of a few
of the tracts to people waiting for the movies.

We then made our way up to the preaching spot, and the two “Jesus Loves You”
preachers were waiting for us with a camera. They wanted to film us, since they haven’t
been able to draw any crowd, and wanted to know how we get them. We pointed out that
God draws the crowd, we just preach.

Peter was the first to preach, and he got a few people to stop to listen. He preached on
how our life is short. It was a great little message.

I then got up and preached my Booze sermon from Proverbs 20:1, three police officers
stopped, so I questioned them, and had them agreeing with me in regards to booze, it
didn’t look like I would get a crowd, but then a drunk female started to yell, and carry on.
She tried to pull me off the soap box, and just wanted us to stop preaching. People
stopped, and a man asked about Hitler, and I was about to answer him but the drunk
didn’t want me to, by the time I dealt with the drunk the man that asked the question had
left. But a fairly big crowd was left behind.

So I preached on what Hitler did, and what we have done, also that compared to God we
are all fallen, and in need of a Saviour. After the preaching alot of one to ones occurred,
which was great, open air is good but having one to ones afterwards seals the deal, and
brings it back to a personal level.

After the one to ones, Tanya, Josh Michael, Cameron, and Kevin all open air preached,
and contended with the drunk female.

Overall the night was great, and alot of seed was sown. But best of all God was Glorified!
May all the praise go to the KING OF KINGS!

Josh Williamson

 2006/5/21 9:23Profile

Joined: 2004/9/21
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 27 May, 2006 [/b]

I thought tonight would be a bit thin on numbers, with only four people in attendance for
the outreach. But God is always faithful to bring in more seed sowers.

When we arrived up the city, we met another brother who had heard of us through a
friend I was on Bootcamp with, so he had decided to come out and join us that night.
Shortly after this Alex joined us, so it was a growing force.

We had a time of prayer, and as we were praying a large gothic crowd came over, and sat
near us making alot of noise, and one came over and stood in the prayer meeting telling
us to stop it.

After praying Tanya wanted to preach to the large gothic crowd, now personally I
wouldn’t have done it, but Tanya is as bold as a lion. She got out her bible walked up
next to them, and began to preach the gospel!

She expounded the law of God for about 30 minutes, and had a homosexual ‘christian’
come up, and ask alot of questions.

During this time Josh Michael, and Alex went to tract the cinema when the Da Vinci
code had just finished, all people took tracts so things were going well.

At 9pm we started to preach in the Queen Street mall, Josh Michael was the first man up,
and within minutes he had two hecklers who were very vile. They jumped up next to him,
and started preaching about porn. Even having posters, and magazines on display. They
kept putting the filth in the face of Josh, so he kept pulling it down, and continuing to

They took control of the situation, so I stepped in as Josh went and did some one to ones,
the hecklers were still there, so I went after the leader, and started to hammer lust, and
how it would be his evil desire that would sentence him to hell on the day of judgement.
He got very mad, he took his shirt off, and I thought I was going to get hit. But I kept
hammering lust.

The porn pics were on the ground at this time, and about 8 police officers came up, and
took away the two hecklers, but told us to continue preaching. There was a good size
crowd present now, so we continued to preach. A council worker came along and cleaned
up the porn, and through it in the bin.

As soon as I had finished preaching, the crowd didn’t leave. But they called out, “Speak
some more” so Alex jumped up and started to preach. During his message a heckler
called “Batman” came up, and started to heckle. He was fairly illogical but some of his
questions were good.

In the end I spoke to “Batman” on the side, and found out that his name was Scott, and I
was able to answer his questions. He left with some gospel tracts.

After Alex finished preaching the crowd was still present so enter the one to one arena,
we all started witnessing to the crowd. There were JW’s, Seventh Day Adventist,
Catholics, all in the crowd, and all got witnessed to, one you catholic that I spoke to got
hit by the fear of God, that he was shaking so much, that he had a cigarette to try and
calm down his nerves, but he was shaking so much that he couldn’t get it into his mouth.
Once he got it in, he tried to light it but nearly burnt himself because he was shaking.

I explained repentance to him, and how that would mean he would have to stop having
sex with his girlfriend, and wait til he married her to do it again. He said he couldn’t do
that, so I told him that through his actions he had chosen hell. But God was working on
his heart, and he was nearly in tears due to fear. He asked for a bible, and some tracts that
he could show his girlfriend as he doesn’t want her to go to hell either. Pray for John as
God works on his heart.

The rest of the team kept one to one witnessing for a long time after, and many tracts
were handed out.

Praise God for His faithfulness

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Here is the audio of my "Booze Sermon" as preached in the Queen street mall, in Brisbane. In the background you will hear a drunk heckler.

During this sermon the biggest crowd that has stopped in that part of the mall was assembled.

Feedback welcome.

Josh Williamson

 2006/6/2 3:02Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, 3 June, 2006 [/b]

Tonight was a good night, with three new people coming out onto the street.

When we arrived in the city, we noticed a large crowd gathered in King George square,
so Josh Michael, and I tag team preached. While we were preaching some of the other
team members were in the crowd handing out tracts.

At 9pm we went up the Queen street mall to preach, Josh Michael went first, he got a big
crowd, that was very angry at the preaching. Now while I would say the crowd wasn’t
handled the best, but never the less the gospel went out. After Josh spoke to the crowd for
about 25 minutes, I stepped in to deal with the angry hecklers.

The first heckler I dealt with was a lesbian named Cookie, she hated the preaching. It
turned out that she was sexual abused as a child. So I spent a few minutes pointing out
that God will bring into judgement those people that abused her.

Then I went on to speak to her just about sin, and her stance before God. She went from
angry heckler to wiping tears from her eyes. The saddest part was she attends a major
church in Brisbane who assured her that as a lesbian she is saved.

After the preaching I got to speak to her, and her friends for a long time, they were all
open, and they all took tracts. Pray for them.

The team did some witnessing for the rest of the night, til Tanya got up and preached.
She did well even though she had vile drunk hecklers.

God worked everything for good, For His Glory!

Josh Williamson

 2006/6/5 9:32Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b]Saturday, June 10, 2006 [/b]

Rain, Rain, Rain - we have been in drought for some time in Brisbane, but tonight as we
prepare to preach it started to pour down!

But we decided to go out, and preach anyway. The it was cold, and wet but six of the
team came out. When we first arrived in King George square it was told to us that the
‘Revival Fellowship’ was having a conference in city hall. So we were expecting a bit of
confrontation later on.

After a time of prayer we went up into the mall to do some one to ones. Alex, and Josh
went off to tract up the movie cinema with the Da Vinci code tracts, while Imogen and I
went to talk to three young Asian guys.

The Asian guys were very open to the gospel, they sat in silence, and it shocked them
that if they died they would end up in hell. I was able to explain the cross to them, and
they all wanted bibles, so Praise God we were able to give them the Word.

After this I got into a one to one with a false convert from a church in Brisbane that tells
everyone that they are saved no matter what they do. So I spent some time talking to him,
then after finishing there, a man approached, and informed me that he was a naturalist,
and wanted me to prove that there was a God. I told him, I could not prove God’s
existence to him since his presupposition was that God didn’t exist, and no matter what I
said he would have a bias.

He said he was willing to learn, so I asked him about why he thinks there isn’t a God, as
he thought about it, he said “There may be a god”, the more he thought the more unstable
his belief became. So I pointed him to the scripture, and spoke about sin. He took a tract
and said he would be back to talk more in the coming weeks.

Then as I finished talking to him, I saw Alex was surrounded by a large group of youth
from the revival fellowship, I was able to help out. Since Alex didn’t know how to
answer their questions. Now the Revival fellowship says that you must be baptised, and
speak in tongues to be saved. Plus they also say Jesus was not deity.

I debated the group for about an hour, and they got mad. But a couple of them said that
Jesus was God before they left, so hopefully something got through to them.

While I was debating, Andrew preached open air for the first time. From what I heard,
and saw he did very well, and got a nice crowd.

Then Imogen called me aside, as she had a Muslim she was witnessing to, and since it
was her first night she wanted a bit of help. The Muslim was very open, and took a bible,
and some tracts. After Andrew preached Josh Michael preached, within minutes a drunk
came up, and pushed him off the soapbox. So I jumped up next to the drunk, and started
to preach. While I was preaching ‘Dr Paul Cole’ approached, now he was one mad

He yelled at me non stop for a long time, and wouldn’t let me answer. But Dr. Paul kept
contradicting himself. A nice crowd gathered, and it turned into an open air debate. Dr.
Paul then claimed to be God, and this got a nice crowd of Muslims supporting him, then
he claimed to be Allah. That nearly got his throat cut.

The Muslim gang wanted to kill him, they were pushing him, and cursing at him. One
was prepared to cut his throat. So we had to get the police to come, and save our heckler.

After the police came I preached for a few more minutes, and then started to talk to
people one to one.

Overall it was a great night! All the Glory to God!

Josh Williamson

 2006/6/12 6:35Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, June 17, 2006 [/b]

Tonight was very cold in the city as we went about doing evangelism, we arrived up in
Brisbane just after 7pm, and we ran into a group of Christians so we spoke to them for
awhile about street evangelism.

After this we broke of and had a time of prayer before heading up into the mall to preach.
At 9pm we started preaching, I was the first to go, and I started with my booze sermon,
God brought a nice crowd along to listen, and then He brought some hecklers in to stir
the pot a bit.

The first heckler was Atheist Peter, who had alot of questions, but by the end he had back
slid and became an agnostic. I was able to reason with him from the view that everything
created needed a Creator, and then from how complex the human body is, and how it
could not have happened by random chance.

After Peter left, another heckler jumped up, this time it was a pagan, that wanted to know
why God allows people to die, but before I could address the issue, another heckler
moved in, and this time the attack was against the Word of God. Ray the heckler was not
allowing anyone to answer his claims, but finally he allowed dialect to go forward, he put
a few questions out, and really didn’t have much support for his view point, and he left
not long after.

Then it was time for another heckler, this time a professing Christian, so I spoke to him
about how Jesus said “If you love me, keep the commandments” he looked as if he was
convicted, and after a bit he moved on to continue his night.

After all this there was still one more surprise to come, this time the Muslim gang from
the week before came back, and their leader said he wanted to make peace with me, now
I have no problems with him, and I would be fine at the idea of peace, but then he put up
restrictions, and in order to have peace I must not talk about Islam, or how Jesus Christ is
God. That is something I cannot do, so I guess there will be no peace.

Shortly after this I finished up the preaching only to find out it had been going for an
hour, it didn’t feel like it. Then it was great as alot of one to ones occurred after the

After about an hour of one to one, Peter got up and preached for about 10 minutes, with a
heckler who sat at his feet, and acted like a child.

But God be praised! His Word went out, and it will not return void!

Josh Williamson

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 24 June, 2006 [/b]

The night started with over 15 people saying they were going to be coming out on the
street, which was exciting. But by 7pm we had shrunk to 7 troops.

So we had our prayer meeting at 7:30pm, and while praying a drunk man came up, and
started to have a go at us, so we were able to witness to him, and he just walked away

At 8:30pm we headed up into the mall, and the first order of business was to send out
three of the guys on a tract run, and tract everyone in the mall.

At 9pm Andrew started the preaching off for the night, he did very well with a decent
sized crowd gathering to listen to the preaching. After Andrew then came Kevin with a
message from Psalm 24. He expanded on the scripture, and people just stood and

Then it was Peter’s turn, he preached a well put together sermon. Again more people
stood around, and listened. The night was going well in crowds coming to listen.

After this I decided to have a preach, and I preached a sermon I have never done before. I
spoke on the “Greatest Gamble”, a large crowd gathered which was great, I got a heckler
from Holland who wanted to argue about God being non-existent.

While he was heckling a drunk man came, and started to heckle. He was vile, yelling
things like “I want to have sex with little boys”, then he started to run around the crowd,
and another heckler said “Be quiet I am listening”, then it erupted. The drunk gave the
other heckler, and nice head butt to the face. Then a blood bath followed.

The fight erupted, with a both of them having blood all over them. Then the drunk
knocked the other heckler to the ground then stood over him. So the heckler on the
ground decided to bite the drunk in the crutch. The police finally came, and broke the
fight up. The drunk was taken to lockup, and the other guy to hospital. We were left with
a nice big pool of blood in front of where we were preaching.

But we did get to witness one to one with the friends of the heckler taken to hospital.

Things are really starting to heat up on the streets.

[b] Sunday, 25 June, 2006 [/b]

Tonight I was asked to preach to the evening service at church, so I preached on 2
Chronicles 7:14, and about ‘Preparing the way of Revival’. Which was a call to holiness,
and a turning from sin.

Now there were a couple of really angry people in the congregation, but after the service
4 people came up on separate occasions and said “We are not in right relationship with
God, so we are going home to make peace with Him”.

So God be Praised!

Josh Williamson

 2006/6/26 4:35Profile

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


[b] Saturday, 1 July, 2006 [/b]

A great turn out of troops on the street tonight. A total of 10 of us running around making
Christ known.

When we arrived in the city, we spent time in prayer. Then we made our way to the new
preaching spot that council tried to force us into. The new area is dark, and very loud,
almost to the point where there is so much noise that you cannot hear the preaching.

Andrew went first, he started to preach and within minutes he had his first heckler, who
tried to crawl under our folding soapbox, and then tried to pull down Andrews pants.
When that failed, she turned to the camera and went to flash it, but her pants were to tight
for her to pull down. So then she decided to crawl under the soapbox again...

Andrew spoke to her on the side while I got up to preach. I started in on death, and used
Hebrews 9:27 as my base scripture. My first heckler was a girl named Sarah, who wanted
to reincarnated as a chocolate frog. She was a good fun heckler, who grew a crowd to
preach to, but then heckler Wendy came back, we had her a few weeks ago. She was a
drunk that heckled us for about 4 hrs in the past.

Wendy sat down next to the soap box, and started to hit my boot, and pull on my pant
leg. Then she started to say things that you couldn’t understand. So I ignored her, then
she started to hit me in the shin. Then Wendy made a new friend, she spotted my pastor
sitting listening to the open air preaching, so she went to talk to him.

It was his first time, that he had been on the street with us, so it was interesting to watch
him interact with Wendy who wanted to talk to him.

After the open air, alot of one to ones occurred. As the amount of people being witnessed
to increased, so did the loudness of the music in the mall, so I went and spoke to a
council cleaner. He gave permission for us to return to our normal preaching spot, at the
top of the Queen street mall.

Peter was the first to open air preach at the top of the mall, then a man came down after
Pete had finished, and demanded that we continue to preach, as he wants to hear the
truth. So I started to preach, and a nice crowd gathered. I had one heckler who ended up
acting out the court room analogy I used. Which grew a bigger crowd.

After going through the gospel, and girl yelled question “What about God’s will, how
can you go against it?”, so I answered by saying that sin was against God’s will, but she
didn’t like that answer. So again she asked, before I could answer I heard a voice from
the back of the crowd. It was my pastor, he stepped in to answer the question. So I gave
way, and let him jump up, and preach open air from there.

He went for awhile before wrapping it up, then handing it back to me to close the night.
After that one to ones occurred for a good 50 minutes.

Praise God for a great evening!

[b]Sunday, 2 July , 2006 [/b]

For the past few weeks we have been advertising an Way of the Master evangelism
training day ([][/url]) occurring at Beenleigh Baptist Church on
July 8. Apart of the advertising we have been allowed to show video clips from the Way
of the Master training DVD’s.

So tonight we showed one of Ray Comfort witnessing to a man from the Fear of God
episode. A few people liked the clip, and then went on to register for the training day. I
didn’t think anymore about it.

Then on Monday morning my Pastor called me, and said that he had just got a phone call
from a man that was at church the previous night, the man said “While watching that clip,
I realised that I am not a Christian”, he then went on to ask the pastor what he had to do
in order to be saved.

Praise God for his faithfulness!

Josh Williamson

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