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Recognitions Of Clement by Unknown

Chapter XXXVI.--Altercation.

Then said Simon: |Do not repeat again and again your talk of peace, but expound briefly what it is that you think or believe.| Peter answered: |Why are you afraid of hearing frequently of peace? for do you not know that peace is the perfection of law? For wars and disputes spring from sins; and where there is no sin, there is peace of soul; but where there is peace, truth is found in disputations, righteousness in works.| Then Simon: |You seem to me not to be able to profess what you think.| Then Peter: |I shall speak, but according to my own judgment, not under constraint of your tricks. For I desire that what is salutary and profitable be brought to the knowledge of all and therefore I shall not delay to state it as briefly as possible. There is one God; and He is the creator of the world, a righteous judge, rendering to every one at some time or other according to his deeds. But now for the assertion of these things I know that countless thousands of words can be called forth.|
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