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 Erlo Stegen ??

What does anyone no about Erlo Stegen ??
I had never heard of him and no almost nothing about him but his name keeps coming up by Various Godly preashers they often seem to note him with healings.

Just curious of what different people no of him and his sermons.

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 Re: Erlo Stegen ??

Erlo Stegen was one of a group of german missionaries to South Africa to the Zulu people. They had little success and started to seek the Lord for the book of Acts to be real in their day. What resulted was a revival that has continued literally to this day. I was there in person 3 years ago and sensed the spirit of God still working greatly there. It is a tremendous testimony of the grace of God in our day.

Kwasizabantu (also KwaSizabantu, Kwa Sizabantu) is an organization, originating in South Africa, but also active in Germany and Switzerland. Other organisations which started out of the work at KwaSizabantu are Christians for Truth and the Domino Servite schools.

Kwasizabantu was founded by Erlo Stegen (born 1935 near Durban), an active missionary among the Zulu population of Natal starting in 1954. In 1966-67, Stegen's efforts culminated in triggering mass "conversions", accompanied by miraculous "healings". In 1971, based in a Natal village called Kwa Sizabantu (Zulu for "place of help for people," or "place where people get helped,") which became the movement's eponym.

Here is a video of brother Erlo sharing about the revival that happened:

Here is a picture of him and his family:

This is the story of the Revival amongst the Zulus:

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 Re: sermonindex

Thank you Greg,

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