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 Have You Ever Been "Jesus Juked".

Ok first of all what does "Juke" mean.

In Basketball when the guard is bringing down the ball and the defender is guarding him, he will try to juke his defender off of him by head faking left and dribbling right. The defender falls down (gets his legs tied up) by that great fake. It's cool. It's called juking your defender. Same thing in football, with a running back.

Ok, everyone got that? Good.

A Christian brother of mine that I fellowship with actually brought this up to me. He said, "Have you ever noticed when a couple of brothers (could be more), are having a normal, non-christian related conversation, that another person who is close by or even part of the conversation will juke them."

Here is an example:

Hey Fred, where did you get that. Ahh, this little mp3 player? Man, it was an awesome deal at Walmart. Only 99.00 and it is normally 249.00. Wow, that is great says Bill. The third brother (George) then chimes in: "Well, do you really need that? Did you ask the Lord if you should purchase that? You could have taken that money and helped the local homeless shelter out. And if you can't sell it now, I hope you at least put the entire audio Bible on it".

Picture this. Fred and Bill just got thrown off of their conversational, friendly step. They got "Jesus Juked". Their heads do a double take towards George and then they are just left speechless, staring at each other, like "what just happened"?

George was trying to show his spirituality, I guess. Really, he was just displaying a religious spirit. But we (as Christians) do this to each other all the time. And we walk away thinking we just did the Lord's work.

Jesus got "Judas Juked" when the woman broke her alabaster box of oil over his feet. Judas says, that could have been sold and given to the poor.

Jesus got "Moses juked", "But when the Pharisees saw, they said to Him, Behold, your disciples do that which it is not lawful to do on the sabbath day. Mat 12:2"

But He really never got faked out like we do sometimes. He always came back with a great answer. Jesus got Pharisee juked many, many times. I enjoy His answers to them.

It is our humorous way of laughing at Phariseeism and reminding each other to be real. It underscores a serious problem when you think about it.

I see a lot of it on SI. It's normal wherever you find people, even (especially) Christians. I sure hope I don't do it (I probably have) and if I do just tell me.

 2010/12/2 16:05

 Re: Have You Ever Been "Jesus Juked".

Even as I think about this, I am convicted, because of the Phariseeism I still see in my heart.

It's ugly and unloving.

 2010/12/2 16:26

 Re: Have You Ever Been "Jesus Juked".

Thought provoking post, brother.

I suppose it's not always about money, either. Thanks for your honest comment.

 2010/12/2 16:53

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