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 Advice and prayer please!

My ex-boyfriend just emailed me asking me to call him. We broke up 2 years ago and haven't really spoken since. I felt that I shouldn't have contact with him because it was damaging my relationship with Christ.
I don't know what to do. When I read his email I felt really sick. I'm wondering if this means that I haven't really forgiven him like I thought... I don't want to talk to him. I don't know what to do.
Please pray that God shows me what I need to do. Especially if my heart is wrong. And please pray that my heart would be calmed. This is stressing me out and I don't want it to.
Thank you.

In Christ,


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 Re: Advice and prayer please!

Hey Veronica

I think if you have prayed about this you should go with what the Lord is showing you. No matter what put your relationship with Christ first. If you feel led to speak with this guy maybe have another sister in Christ who you trust be there when you do make the call to give you support.

Don't let this eat you up inside it does not mean that you do not forgive him if you feel led not to speak with him. Trust in the Lord and walk it what He has for you in this. I will pray for you.

love in Him

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 Re: Advice and prayer please!


Seems to me that if the idea of even speaking with him distresses you so, that you don't UNLESS the Holy Spirit would lead you to do so. I think Ellie has a a good idea that if you do see him, take another sister with you...
Will pray for you.

My opinion for whatever it is worth...maybe two cents?


Sandra Miller

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