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 What do you think the of the Transformations films?

Has anyone seen the Transformations films? If so, what do you think of them good or bad?

I haven't seen them yet though I have heard of them and seen a couple clips.

I think but am not sure that the gist is that poor countries repent to God and then God blesses them and gives them a supernatural harvest with like huge fruits or something.

I think there are also accounts of certain revival manifestations.

I am wondering if there is prosperity doctrine in them. I know that God does sometimes give prosperity, but I am wondering if these videos are proposing an extreme form of this doctrine.

So yeah, I think there are a few films of claimed revivals, manifestations, and blessings, and would like to hear what you all think about them. The more you are able to tell me the better since there are multiple videos on different topics in different areas ect.

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 Re: What do you think the of the Transformations films?

I believe more accurate opinion can give someone who is living there, here is the opinion of one brother from Uganda, (whom I appreciate very much for exposing the American western type of "Christianity" that is spreading all over the globe):

[url=]Transformations II, Political Christianity and False African Revivals [/url]

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