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 Bob Larson

Years ago I listened to Bob Larson on the radio and he is the same today as he was back then. Bob Larson is about Bob Larson, he is sensasionalistic and lives for controversy. Since no one else has come out and stated it I will say it. He is nothing but a charlatan and I am using the most literal definition of the word. He does more to hurt the cause of Christ than to promote it. Christians cannot be demon possessed (What fellowship can light have with darkness?) The act he performs is not intended to bring Glory to Christ but to elevate self and he does that quite well. I agree with Krispy..avoid Bob Larson like the plague!

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 Re: Bob Larson

That has always been my view of Larson.For a christian to be demon possessed is ridiculous but it makes for a good show. We need to pray more for the people that are being duped by so many charlatans!

rick H.

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I have attended 2 of his "seminars", and he sure does have a flair for the dramatic. His ministry is just one example of the many "one dimentional" ministries out there today. I am not a big fan of Bob Larson, or any other christian personality who's ministry focuses only on one aspect of the christian faith.

Blessings Greg :-(


 2007/5/8 22:44Profile


Smokey... good point. Where there is no balance, there should be a red flag in our spirit. Doesnt matter what ministry it is.


 2007/5/9 7:44

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