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 BOOK: Helps to Holiness

Helps to Holiness
By Samuel Logan Brengle

Price: $5.95 | Pages:

This is without doubt the best known and most loved of Samuel Logan Brengle’s eight books. The simplicity, straightforwardness and clarity with which the book deals with the subject of holiness and holy living have caused it to be a blessing to generations of Christians. "If I could," wrote Dennis F. Kinlaw, "I would get every new Christian to devour this book. It would help establish him in the deep things of God. The older believer should read it too. It will take him back to basics. It will rob him of all comfort of life that is less than 'sanctified and meet for the Master’s use.'  " The chapters found here originally appeared as articles in the Salvation Army periodical, the War Cry. They were written while Brengle was recuperating from a serious injury incurred when he was hit in the head by a paving brick thrown by a drunkard.

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860 - 1936) was converted as a youngster. At fifteen years of age he became assistant Sunday School superintendent in his home church, and at seventeen he enrolled in DePauw University, where he proved to be a brilliant scholar and an eloquent orator. Political ambitions soon began to awaken in Brengle’s heart, but these were short-circuited when God called him to be a preacher of the gospel. From DePauw, Brengle went to Boston Theological Seminary. It was here that he experienced a life-changing experience of heart cleansing under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Steele. Soon afterwards Brengle refused the flattering offer of the pastorate of a large, renowned Methodist church, choosing instead to join the Salvation Army, where he spent the rest of his life as a traveling evangelist, writer and holiness preacher.

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 Re: BOOK: Helps to Holiness

You can get it and download it for free on line

 2006/5/14 6:02

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I printed off this Book, and I'm studying it.
It is very good.
Would like to have so more books on Sanctification.
God Bless
Nellie :-)

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Any books by Brengle are very good. There are a couple more I would reccomend:
Heart Talks on Holiness
Love Slaves
Sanctified Sanity
I also would suggest
Born Crucified by L.E. Maxwell
Bone of His Bone by F.J. Huegel
Also check out Earnest O'Neill's messages here

[url=]How To Live Victorious[/url]

patrick heaviside

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 Re: thanks

Thanks for sharing this wonderful book. I'm just beginning it, but what I've read so far is absolutely wonderful. God bless you real good Greg and all.


Lahry Sibley

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Sanctification is rarely taught or preached from the pulpit, at least in the U.S. This is an excellent resource and consistent with many who have walked through this.

I've found some excellent resources on sanctification at []Enter His Rest[/url]. This site has Art Katz's testimony as to "entire sanctification" in his life. Our dear brother Oswald Chambers spoke quite often about this process of sanctification as well.

I also frequent The Northwest Nazarene University and they have a huge number of holiness books available online for free. Here is the URL: [url=]Wesley Center for Applied Theology[/url]. There are many testimonies under the title "How They Entered Canaan Land." The book by G.C. Bevington entitled "Remarkable Miracles" is available on this site as well.

Thanks again for sharing this brother's experiences.

Ed Pugh

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Wesley Center for Applied Theology

Browse for Brengle here also, and I think most of his books are there. This site is a treasure chest of books for free reading.

patrick heaviside

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