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 An Eyewitness Account of the 1904 Revival by ~Miscellaneous

Description: This is a very unique recording made in 1974. John Powell Parry was seventeen years old when the revival reached his little hamlet in Northern Wales.  Mr Parry was a coal miner for fifty years. At the time of this recording Mr Powell was eighty-six years old. He gives his personal observation of the revival that literally changed the world, at least for a while. John Powell Parry  gave this recorded interview to Rev Paul Cook on the 2nd of October 1974.
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 Scripture Memorization By Song by ~Miscellaneous

Description: This is an a cappella recording of several passages of Scripture set to music and sung in four-part harmony. It is an excellent way to help you and your family memorize the Word of God.
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 Testimonies Of Courtship by ~Miscellaneous

Description: nil
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 Voices of the Past by ~Miscellaneous

Description: This recording takes you back 100 years (1899) into the history of the old time Evangelists. Get a rare glimpse into the ministry of Evangelist D.L. Moody and his song leader Ira Sankey with an 1899 audio recording of both men in one of their final gospel campaigns. Hear a fiery excerpt of Evangelist Billy Sunday preaching against the "Devil's Booze." Other recordings include William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army (1912), British Evangelist Gypsy Smith, and Uslter's finest preachers: willie Mullan, John Wylie, W.P Nicholson and more.
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 Witness a Revival 1st Hand - 1970 Film of Asbury College's Revival by ~Miscellaneous

Description: Listen to a Real Revival that took place in 1970 at Asbury College in Kentucky. Told by the former President Dr. Dennis Kinlaw, who missed it completely and the world got to see it on the news (except for those blessed enough to either be there or traveled there). This 37-minute video presentation, narrated by the former president of Asbury College, is a powerful look into an incredible revival at that campus in 1970. A chapel service that began on Tuesday, February 3 went on without intermission for eight straight days. 'An amazing openness and transparency' among the students and an awesome awareness of the presence of God typified those precious days of visitation. 'God has come to Asbury.'
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