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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Following Jesus: The Straight Gate

 Following Jesus: The Straight Gate by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Following Jesus
Description: Brother Hans Waldvogel shares powerfully that salvation is in the person of Jesus Christ. Not in sects, denominations or specific doctrines or theology. But in the blood and work of Christ and His indwelling us by the Spirit. May God bring us to a place of reality in our walk with Jesus.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Just Keep Them Dancing... 
This dear brother brings a very timely Word that slices away the fascad of Churchianity. Jesus alone is the gate, and we are called to enter by Him alone. A very descriptive symbolism between 20th century Christianity and the Titanic is made. In many ways, the Titanic was a symbol of pride and power, and with the heralding of its own self-sufficiency God was "shut out". Stamped on the belly of the boat the words of it's own demise still ring through time to this very hour--"We do not need God". As the ship was sinking, the musicians were ordered to "keep them dancing". Instead of facing the realities that awaited them the people were brought under the delusion that everything was fine. In Revelation 3, Jesus Himself is knocking on the door of the Church, for He has been "shut out", and His people are too busy "dancing in ignorance" rather than prostrate and sober in worship of Him. May we give Him swift entrance!!!

 Wonderful burdened word. 
These dear old german pentecostal brother preaches with a great passion and unction of the Spirit. May we have more preachers that preach with authority the word of God.

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