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Real Name:Benjamin Williams
Location:El Paso, TexasAffiliate Marketing Director
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There are too many dead preachers, preaching dead sermons to dead people in dead churches. - Leonard Ravenhill<br /><br />Yet they say that they are alive.<br /><br />And maybe that is the real problem, maybe it would be that if they were really dead, then Christ might come alive. [i]But oh how fearful they are that things would be out of their "God Appointed" control.[/i]<br /><br />[b]Find me a man who is broken before God, and I will show you a man who weeps, and prays.[/b]<br /><br />God's foreknowledge simply means He has perfect knowledge, past present, and future. To mistake foreknowledge with forordination, is a grave error that causes mass reinterpretation of the scriptures.<br /><br />[b][color=CC0000]The reason revival tarries, is because men do not.[/color][/b]<br /><br />You can run around in circles until you are blue in the faith

Promoting Revival to this Generation.
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