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Real Name:Steven W. Rodriguez
Email:[email protected]
Location:CaliforniaI want God's approval
Interest:I want God's approval
Member Since:2006/6/1
Last Login:2006/6/22 22:37

-"I have a beautiful memory<br />it is a small, yet diamond filled package<br />it embrasses my heart and gives me hope<br />my eyes water with longing for days like those<br />when your word was my water and sustainer<br />when your presence was new and uncharted<br />when i waited on you because i had no one else to go to<br />when i marveled at thoughts of the wife you would give me<br />i have a beautiful memory<br />it is the moter of my faith<br />it was the trust built upon Christ<br />and as the melody of it played i wished i could be there again<br />when the suppication of my voice was as one with necessity<br />when the cry of the lost was not shrouded with that of strayed intetions<br />when i could see your face and hear your voice<br />when i was not only a hearer but a doer<br />i have a beautiful memory<br />its not far away from your infinite gaze<br />it comes back to me through your promices, through your will<br />O dear Jesus,may i please live that beautiful memory today?- David Ardito"

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