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Real Name:Murray Beninger
Email:[email protected]
Location:Fort Frances, OntarioFamily Counselor
Member Since:2006/2/4
Last Login:2009/11/2 8:18

"It is no small thing to be involved in the testimony of God's glory. We should not make a virtue of smallness, as though there were something important about being despised by others, but at the same time we shall find that whenever God has called people to display His glory, He has chosen people who have no glory in themselves."<br /><br />"Sometimes it takes the Lord years to get us sufficiently emptied, weak and small, so that we can bear His glory in our lives, a fact which may well explain some of His dealings with us. When he has got us small enough and empty enough, then there is a chance for the working of His Spirit in glory."<br /><br />T.Austin Sparks

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