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Real Name:Eloy Lopez
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" I don't know what you think a Christian is.I've known so many people that think a Christian means going to chruch a lot. You've may of heard this before but, going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore then going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger. Saying a prayer don't make you a Christian. People in every religion pray. Even praying to Jesus doesn't make you a Christian. He says many shall come on that day will say Lord, Lord and he says depart from me I never knew you. Having the gifts of the Spirit or looking like you got them doesn't mean you're Christian. Jesus says many shall come to me on that day. Lord, did we not cast out demons and heal the sick and raise the dead and all kinds of stuff. And He'll say the same thing depart from me I never knew you. You know what a Christian is? I got a real good definition. Someon who's bananas for Jesus. Someone who loves the Lord thy God with all his heart all his soul and all his mind and all his strenght don't forget the second part he loves everybody else, as much as he loves himself."<br />-Keith Green

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