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 A Message to Black America and the Black Church

The following will illumine the African American contribution to the erosion of God’s protective covering from this nation. This came to me shortly after the events of 9/11, was distributed nationally to about 3,500 African American orginizations/churches via “e”-mail, and is entitled;

Gangsta Rap – God’s Final Straw

Please pass it on, if you "hath an ear", and the mind to wave His righteous standard.

Dear fellow Saint,

I was recently channel surfing, as usual, and came across an interview on BET, with Ed Gordon, and three prominent rappers. In retrospect I know that our Lord meant for me to hear what was being said, so that He could say something back thru me. Usually I’d just flick right past such pseudo celebrities with the quickness, being so disgusted with their turning of Dr. King’s dream into a nightmare. But I stopped and caught Mr. Gordon’s questions to them, which centered around whether they felt a patriotic duty to fight in America's new war on terrorism. Not a single one of them felt such an obligation. They spouted the usual rhetoric of still far to many African Americans, based on our nations past injustices of government sanctioned slavery, and the continuance of societal racial prejudice, from Emancipation till present. Their final justification for not feeling an obligation to possibly making the ultimate sacrifice was, “What has America done for me”? … That floored me!

In case they hadn’t noticed, our government no longer sanctions slavery, or racial prejudice. In fact we now have laws against it. Nobody’s holding anybody back from a good education, or job, even though it may require its dogged pursuit with the same gusto as say a dream to become the next Michael Jordan, or Jigga Man. And about someone disliking one for ones ethnicity, hey, this is America! In American you’re free to dislike anyone you please. You’re just not free, by law, to hinder advancement, or harm anyone physically because of it. I sarcastically questioned out loud to Jesus, “What has America done for rappers”? … Then the following just began to flow …

America has afforded the Luke Skywalker’s, Ice T’s, Ice Cube’s, Dr. Dre’s, Snoop Dogg’s, Russel Simmon’s, P. Diddy’s, Master P’s, and all hell spawn following, the luxury of misleading generations of black youth down satan’s broad and spacious path to destruction, while making mad chedda (millions of dollars). You'd think they’d be the first to grab their collective crotches, take up their 9’s, AK's, and filthy language, drive their quarter mil drop top Bentleys on 20” dubs, full of drugs, bubbly and bimbettes, to the nearest airport, and catch the first thing smoking to Afghanistan. After all Bin Laden’s disruption of our economy is about to get into their pockets as well!

It was in watching that interview that the Spirit of God began to reveal to me just how grieved He is with Black America, and even more so than with White America. Why! Because Black America was that nation, within this nation, that so desperately leaned on His everlasting arm to escape the shackles of physical captivity, and mental and emotional bondage from without, only to turn right around and re-enslave ourselves to a more heinous spiritual chaining from within. Black America so much reminds me of another group of enslaved people freed from Egypt, only to fall victim to the worship of the Golden Calf once set free. Their mistake too was brimming with gross wantonness. The end result was a separation to destruction for those unfortunates!

God loves to be sung to! And more importantly He likes to be sung to with feeling! Check your Bibles, and you’ll find that the angels primary purpose in heaven is to sing worship praises to God. People in bondage sing very meaningfully. They sing from their spirits, hearts and souls. And as the ancestors of stolen Africans learned of Jesus, and fixated their faith on Him, they eventually birthed our greatest contribution to American music, Black Gospel. Praise music to God is the purest form of music, and was never meant to be secularized. But as with everything birthed by the Holy Spirit, the unholy spirit did contort. And so out of Black Gospel the devil formed his own opposite praise music, and called it the Blues, a music grounded in fear, despair, anger, violence and sexual innuendo. Then from that, on to Rock & Roll via a head cleric by the name of Little Richard.

There was always a following in the Black community for the devils music, but back then it seems the great majority of African Americans were greatly influenced by Jesus, and the Black Church. And being that in those times Blacks were still under heavy oppression, were basically still clinging to the Everlasting Arm, as if their very lives depended on it. So called fine upstanding white Americans in the vein of Bull Connors, and Lester Maddox, were appalled by the Blues, and Rock & Roll, but as long as it remained amongst the niggras it was tolerable. They described the Blues, and Rock & Roll, as decadent and capable of turning the heads of their children to the vileness of sex and drugs. They were right! Satan uses the worst that he can from any group of mankind, and with the African American it would be the dark side of our music. Whether good or bad, our music moves folk!

So satan utilized a little white boy from Tupelo Mississippi, named Elvis Aaron Presley, and introduced black Blues/Rock & Roll to white youth in masse, and the rest is a history of creature worship (idolatry), mass hysteria and excesses of the flesh. But basically the black community was still in segregations vacuum, still discriminated against, still held down, even in the music world. But freedom was about to come to the Black man! And with that satan would no longer have to use the homogenized, watered down version in song, of that sin that so easily ensnares Black folk, namely SEX! ... Soon he’d be able to give evil Black music to the entire world in all it’s rawness. But in order to prepare the way, he’d start by introducing the smooth, melodic, trance inspiring sounds of R&B.

So with freedom came opportunity, and the opportunistic. Black Gospel, by Black artist this time, was transformed into worldly R&B (or themes from the pit, sang with heavenly feeling). Just listen to Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Marvin Gaye. Compared to today’s Rap, their corrupting of God’s music seems harmless. But it paved the way for today’s depravity, especially the music of Marvin Gaye for he was actually the first main stream R&B singer to slip expletives into his cocaine inspired lyrics. Satan erodes away good, thru time, like the trickles of waters that eventually formed the Grand Canyon. Each generation of parent can see satan in their kids music, but very few can see him in their own.

There was a time, not to long ago, when Black America thought that White America was crazy. There was a time when the only true angst music was Blues, Country and Rock and Roll, then came Heavy Metal, and it reflected the decadence of white youth. Songs of black Sabbaths, the occult, necromancy and necrophilia didn’t interest black youth at all. Black America’s youth for the most part still had at least one foot in the Black Church, and were content with having their prurient interest tickled first by the sounds of Doo-Wop, and then on to the polished orchestrated sounds of Motown, TSOP, and the raw funk of James Brown, George Clinton and the southern sounds of Stax.

Then came the musical and racial melding of Disco, and it’s ensuing depravity. Then on to Punk Rock, and it’s hard core drug suicidal binge on the white side, and Punk Funk, on the Black side, with the Super Freak himself, Rick James, who brought to popularity the ménage-a-trois, and even further widespread moral decay. Then on to the androgynous Prince and Michael Jackson, and their blurring of the gender line, providing the wicked soundtrack to the introduction of Herpes and Aids. By this time even tried and true, died in the wool, Gospel music, both black and white, had started to be affected, and there came a new genre: Contemporary Gospel. And the God of the once bonded African American was now being pushed further and further away, as Black America lost it’s integrity to the Author of their salvation, in its new found integrated freedoms. That once God dependent, God fearing Black nation within our nation, were now just as crazy as the racist whites they once derided .... if not crazier. The “we shall over come”, had now just plain ole “come on over”, and was soon to lose it’s proverbial “soul” to the imminent just over the horizon Gangsta Rap. As sang in the Jefferson’s theme, we’d finally gotten our piece of the pie! … The devil’s pie.

When hip-hop first burst upon the scene it was dismissed as a flash in the pan. After all it was nothing but electrified beats, interspersed with oft times ridiculous sounding human beat box noises, over spoken words that hardly made sense. It was dance/party oriented. The black kids loved it, it was relegated a black kids thing, and so it was ignored by everyone. Except the kids! … All of the kids! … Little did anyone realize that it would soon become the deadliest weapon in Satan’s arsenal thus far, in which to "pied piper" the souls of our youth. Unlike Rock and Metal’s ability to attract black youth, Rap, especially Gangsta Rap, would come to ensnare all youth, world wide.

God is really not pleased with we Black Christians, and the Black Church. Of all the people in America, He feels that WE should really know better. He wonders how a people who were only a short while ago primarily covered from head to toe in His Son’s blood, are now at most only stained by it? … He is wondering how, after all that He’s done for us, thru our faith in Him, that we have abandoned that faith, that we have slacked so sorely, that we have become worse to ourselves than the enslavers of old, and that we have allowed the blight of the so called Hip-Hop culture, and Gangsta rap to take hold of our children, and our children’s children? … He wonders how we could defend these black purveyors of filth when they are attacked by whites, accusatory or concerned, with the flawed reasoning that whites distributed filth first? …He wonders how we can still permit our pain of prior prejudice, to blind our present spiritual sight to the fact that two wrongs can’t make a right, and that once in Him ALL former ties with the heathen are broken, regardless of how deep they run? … He wonders why we’re still placing our ethnicity over our spirituality? … He wonders why we have not united to collectively call out these preachers of unholiness, and their backers, and to let them know that they will not sweep the souls of our children into an eternal hell without a fight! … He wonders why instead we’ve chosen to rub elbows with such decay and to receive awards for our alleged Gospel music to Him, on the same stages of the award shows dedicated to their music of Baal? …

He is wondering why we have ceased to be an example of that faith the size of a “grain of mustard seed”, that non violently cast our seemingly oppressive, immovable “mountain, into yonder sea”?

And I heard the voice of the Lord say:


Bro. Rahman Reuben

If you feel led of the Spirit please "e-mail" this link to other saints and pastors;

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 DR. COSBY 1 ...

Basically clean mouthed comedian Bill Cosby (except for saying hell in this speech) has recently set off a firestorm within the American Black community with his statements made at a NAACP meeting this past May (2004) ... Links listed below ...

i for one, am so glad he spoke out on the ills and sins that now plague the American African community, and have wondered in the past why so called Black leaders have not, and have really wondered about the silence in the pulpits of Black churches, especially in regards the music that is poisoning the minds of our young folk ...

The American African community (as is America period) is in crisis, a spiritual crisis, and as Mr. Cosby alludes one that can no longer be blamed on the "white man", but sits squarely on the shoulders of American Africans ... His observation is that whatever the socio/economic level one is on, it doesn't justify outright ignorance, violence, crime and disrespect ... The following are three instances in which He mentions God, Christians and Jesus ...

The church is only open on Sunday. And you can’t keep asking Jesus to keep doing things for you. You can’t keep asking that God will find a way. God is tired of you. God was there when they won all those (civil rights) cases, 50 in a row. That’s where God was because these people were doing something. And God said, “I’m going to find (make) a way.”

I’m telling you Christians, what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you hit the streets? Why can’t you clean it out yourselves? It’s our time now, ladies and gentlemen. It is our time.

You all wonder what that’s about, don’t you? Well, you’re probably going to let Jesus figure it out for you. Well, I’ve got something to tell you about Jesus. When you go to the church, look at the stained glass things of Jesus. Look at them. Is Jesus smiling? Not in one picture. So, tell your friends. Let’s try to do something. Let’s try to make Jesus smile. Let’s start parenting.

Scripture states the the truth shall make us free ... but such freedom comes only thru our personal responsibility of acting on such truth ... No wonder so many people fight so hard to remain in the comfort of a bondage that allows one to project blame to without instead of being in control from within ... Any man that comes to Christ is a new creature, and empowered to change for the good from within inspite of all the injustices without ... That's the truth of Jesus ...

Wake up Black Pastors! ... Wake up Black saints! ... Wake up Black Curch! ... The strong demons that now possess Black American and is continually throwing us in the fire can only be dislodged by much prayer and fasting, incessant weeping between the porch and the altar, the calling together of solemn assemblies, until we hear from heaven via the miraculous REVIVAL POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST!

God's in the process of seperating sheep from goats, wheat from chaff, now's the time for each of us to prove in which God/god we trust ... Amen



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C-Span - American Perspectives

rtsp:// (Real Player)

Bill Cosby - At the Rainbow/PUSH Conference, in Chicago, about parenting and personal responsibility. This event is a follow-up of his first speech, and has caused American Africans to have to face our pushed under the rug issues, which eventually is going to impact the unusually quiet Black Church ...

Jesse Jackson is also on this panel ... Personally i found Jesse's imput as part of the problem, which Dr. Cospy alluded to in cloaked jest ... i also found Jesse's tears more than trying of my patience ...

Following is a debate about what Mr. Cosby said that happened soon after in Philadelphia, at the Pennsylvania Parenting Information & Resource Center ... Notice how little if any is said about the plight of Black America's problems being rooted in our loss of spirituality ... That's the major key!

And lastly Dr. James Dobson - Christian Founder of Focus on the Family, speaks about the disruption of the American family period, encompassing all people regardless of race ... He spoke at the National Press Club in June. He discussed the impact of today's culture on the family, and how it contributes to the difficulty of raising children.

i'm in the process of coming up with a (Christ/Christian based) formula/forum to present to fellow adult Christians, to present to our pastors, regarding addressing these self same Cosby fore-fronted issues, in a constructive way to our youngsters ... i plan to incorporate some of the ways i've gotten my 16 year old grandson to stop, look, listen and then think about the messages coming across to him in rap music.

#1 - i've let him know that satan is it's author, and that he's gotten more vile with each generations music, and i've given him the musics history ...

#2 - i've let him know that in my youth i was just as drawn to satan's music as he was, reacted to it, and caused/paid consequences ...

i for one am always ready to share with others (especially youngers) the consequences of pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, divorce, breaking up of a family, and the regrets of doing such, which generally really don't kick in with a male until we're much older ... Thank God i had godly parents who did not allow me, though i was 28, to become a totally estranged, dead beat, Dad to my daughters ...

i'm also a great proponent of going back and apologizing to ex-spouses and children when it's recognized that a lot of pain was suffered by them due to our own individual selfishness ...

And as i've said to many a (baby boomer) man in our Men's group, if you really want to know what's wrong with our children then go take a good long look in the mirror ... It's our generation that opened up Pandora's box, and it needs to be our generation to openly confess the error of our ways, and to constructively address present out of hand problems ...

i've also let my grandson know that the music of my youth was mostly promoting "sex", though not to the demonic extremes that rap music does today, and that he has to be really careful not to feed into the degredation and disrespect of the female, the disrespect of the greater society, the disrespect of his fellow man - particularly via trying to pull his girl or wife, the abuse of drugs, alchohol and the idolatry of gross materialism, all proported in (gangsta) rap ...

#3 - i've let him know via my own personal experiences, that abondonment of personal responsibility to the admonitions of the Lord now, will lead to consequences of regret later ...

#4 - i've had him sit down and watch rap videos with no sound all the while pointing out how ignorant the posturing is, and then when it comes to the ever present bouncing booty shots, i ask him "how'd he like to see his sisters on this video"? ...

#5 - i've pointed out the lies these rap guys spit in verse, such as P. Diddy's statement in one of his raps that he "George Jefferson walked out of Federal Court", juxtaposed against his actual sad eyed, sheepish pleas of innocence prior to his acquital of gun possession charges ... The same thing with Snoop Dogg's murder trail ... He wasn't the same snarling Pit Bull to the judge, he portrays in the video ...

#6 - And we've had long talks about what are these ultra rich rappers doing for him in return for all the $$$ he spends on their paraphanelia ... Are they providing him scholarships, funding after school programs, feeding the urban poor? ... Or are they playing you for a sucker (the judas goats they are) so that they can drive Bentleys (when you can't afford a Toyota), wear real bling-bling (while you're sporting fake) and live in the Hamptons (while your Mom and Dad are struggling to keep you in the suburbs) ...

#7 - i let him know how much i love him, how proud of him i am thus far, and how appreciative i am that he realizes that my talks with him is out of that love, and that he both listens and often applies to his life the admonisions of his ole Grand Dad ...

The first thing i know is that "attacking" the kids will be totally counterproductive, so i'm thinking more in the realm of reasoning with them about their present behaviour, and it's consequences down the pike, which they really have no concept of now ... Case in point, when i recently asked my 16 year old grandson to imagine himself at 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, and the increasing bewilderment that etched his facial expression with each decade ...

Lot's of prayer is in order saints ... but it needs to be in union with action ... i really pray to God that He uses Cosby's statements of putting this ball in play to the good, and that American African Christianity does not fumble it, or just outright refuse to catch the pass ...

Bottom line is, regardless of race, creed or color, WE ALL need to pay closer attention to our children ... Amen

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The link below is entitled;

The Future of the Black church
(questions every American African pastor should have answers to)

It's from the archives of - Message Magazine, which is the oldest and most widely circulated religious journal addressing ethnic issues in America.

It's statement is; to lead all people into a personal relationship with God, and to present the Bible-based gospel of Jesus Christ to effect positive life-change and passionate virtuous living for today and eternity.

You may find this link interesting also ...

Final Revival Coming!

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Last night i listened to a Tavis Smiley interview with Michael Eric Dyson. If you don't know who Mr. Dyson is then just click on the link below ...


Mr. Dyson was asked by Tavis a question in regards some members of the black clergy being upset by the fact that R. Kelly, and Kanye West, both have songs about Jesus on they're newest CD's, the question being how does one mix the profound and the profane, and be true to the profound ... Mr. Dyson's answer reminded me so much of what's wrong in the black community, and church these days, in that sides are not chosen and/or clearly delineated in these matters of what we say, as opposed to what we do ... Bottom line being that it's a very dangerous message to put out to young black America that it's ok to be sacreligious all week, then religious on Sunday, but that's what's happened/happening ... But the part of the interview that floored me was when Tavis asked Mr. Dyson if he thought R. Kelly and Kanye West's tributes to Jesus on their CD's was genuine or marketing driven, laughter insued about the marketing factor, and Mr. Dyson responded to the affect of, "If Creflo Dollar can market Jesus, then why can't R. Kelly and Kanye West" ... What is our problem with understanding that two wrongs don't make a right!!! ... Saints, we are in serious spiritual trouble, and i'm praying God He will raise up some spokespeople, unconcerned with $$$, trying to fit in, or being hip, who'll (out of His love) call it like He sees it!

Mr. Dyson seems to me to be an apologist for so many of the ill's that affect black American society, and while i'd be the first to admit that there are some members of my race blunted by this nations past history, it's also obvious to me that we don't have to act as disrespectfully as so many of us do, and Gangsta raps message ain't helping, you and i both know that

Mr. Dyson wrote the book below ...


He has also written a most recent book on the life of Marvin Gaye, a child of God whose life chronicles the horrors one can experience in attempting to sucessfully marry the profane and the profound ... After all Christ Himself asked what association does light have with darkness, and stated that luke warm will get us spit out of His mouth ... I find it very interesting that He said He'd rather us be hot or cold, and one of the reasons for His statement (i believe) is that He's not to swift on any professing child of His, especially famous ones, misleading others by appearing to be able to live a double life ... I also find it most interesting that so many past secular black music artist who came out of the Church, if they didn't meet with a tragic end, eventually wound up prodigally draggin their satanically whipped butts back home to God, Gospel album often times following ... Now don't get me wrong, i'm not judging, for i've been a prodigal myself ... And although not famous i too could have attempted to talk Jesus while walking with the Devil, but knew better ... My thinking, hot definitely pleases Christ, lukewarm (playing both ends from the middle) will get me killed, but cold (not saying anything about Christ to others while in my blatant sin) maybe would only mean that God wouldn't be pleased with me, but He wouldn't take me personally if i wasn't out there, like Marvin, saying things like, "Jesus, i'm trying to tell the people to get it on" ...

Now to many of you saints who've never been a prodigal, i'm sure my above reasoning seems like madness to you, and it was, but with this one glaring point of sanity ... FEAR OF GOD! ... That fear being that it may not have kept me from doing my own prodigal thing, but i wasn't about to attempt to mix the name of God's Son in my mess, and other fence straddlers, especially you famous ones, would do well to at least have that much FEAR OF JESUS ... LUKEWARM WILL GET US SPIT OUT OF HIS MOUTH! ...

Take it from someone whose telling you the straight up truth, if you're promoting/living the lifestyle of rap videos then you're in the employ of the devil, and as soon as he's used you up to depletion, he'll abandon you and leave you floundering in his deep waters of sin to drown, and if you're blessed enough to still be alive, the only one that you'll be able to count on is JESUS, for He'll take you back ... But if i were you, i'd be very afraid of being your generations Marvin Gaye ... You could die in the pig's sty.

This are the lyrics to the controversial songs listed below ... and guess what? ... No cursing ...

Artist: Kanye West
Album: The College Dropout
Song: Jesus Walks
Lyrics link

R Kelly
Amazing Love lyrics;

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Apparently there are some members of the black clergy, somewhere, cause i sure ain't heard of any in my neck of the woods, applying pressure againts what appears to have become an all inclusive mucical mix when it comes to what is, and is not of God ... Thus this lates EUR article ...

Rapper no longer considered for best
gospel rap album award.

Kanye West’s best gospel rap album
nomination from the Stellar Music Awards
has been taken off the ballot following
a number of protests over the CD’s

The rapper/producer’s debut collection
“The College Dropout” was being considered
based on the set’s current single, “Jesus Walks,”
however, other tracks on the album were called
into question by committee members, who
thought the lyrics may be too offensive
for gospel listeners.

“The reason for removing the CD from
the ballot is that some of the songs on the
CD contain explicit lyrics and the CD carries
an explicit language warning symbol on its cover,
therefore it did not meet the Stellar Awards criteria,”
an official statement read.

The Stellar Gospel Music Awards take place
on January 15.

My question is what were the folks at the Stellar award thinking? ... How could they plug an entire rap CD as Gospel, without even checking out the rest of the CD first? ... Anyhow there are some informative interviews conducted by Gospel Flava on this subject i've come to call "the mixing of the profane and the profound" ...

For those of you familiar with Mase coming out of Sean Comb's Bad Boy Records some years ago, to become Rev. Mase, well according to an excerpt from an article from the link listed below, he's back into the Hip-Hop game ...

"Mase made his return to the hip hop game official with Welcome Back. For those unfamiliar, Mase left the hip hop game in 1999 after accepting Christ in his life. He publicly retired from the rap game and went into full time ministry. In 2004, he's the pastor of S.A.N.E. (Saving a Nation Endangered) Church International and has returned to the hip hop scene...with a secular project.

And if that's not enough, West has now produced a remix to "Jesus Walks" featuring Mase, that includes a powerful altar call at the end of the track. And this track is being played on secular radio stations....altar call and all".

Entire eye opening article;

Saints yes we've ALL got to pray, but we've also got to begin to proclaim (in His love) the truth that wearing His cross as so many of us do, and with rappers especially big ones, is not what identifies us as Christians .... But that it's our bearing of His cross, as so many of us don't, in the denying of our flesh, as our internal/external proclamation to the power of His saving blood spilt grace ...

Our silence equates to blood on our hands!

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 Re: DR. COSBY 1 ...

Grand canyon was formed by the flood. one of gods jugdments. the question for the ages is, Is what we want to do worth the death on the cross of our Lord and savior. L. Ravenhill ask the same question

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 Re: "And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop"

i know that our Lord has something in store for His Body that will eventually collectively shake us out of our present day apostate stupor, some coming judgment which of course i don't know exactly what it will be, but God knows i for one will be glad when it gets here ...

Lord God, if it's your terrible grace that's necessary to snap your Bride back to pure, holy spiritual reality, then please God, in the name of Jesus ... do it NOW! ... And as an American African let me add that in the Black Church, and Black community, your remedy can't start soon enough ... Amen ...

VH1 has just released "And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop" of which i both watched and taped ... As far as i'm concerned, satan, like the sadistic mass murderer that he is, has defiantly documented for all exactly how he's orchestrated the initial musical poisoning of generations of Black youth via his infectioning of them with this so called hip hop culture, and its subsequent contagioning of the entire world youth population ... If you want to really get the 411 on the modus operandi of the greatest mass murderer of all time, satan, then you've got to watch this documentary of moral decline ...

Let me state point blank, and straight up, that this documentary needs to be watched by every adult saint, and especially preachers, because this so called hip-hop culture, particulary the gangsta rap element of it, influences most, if not all youth ... We all need to know the facts, and be prepared, in the effort to free our youth from the evil angelic pied piper whose leading today's youth down the broad and spacious road to hell ...

And finally let me add that once you get this info please don't attack hip-hop, it's perpetrators, and adherents with fear, and anger, but in the love of Christ, pointing out to them just exactly how satan has them blinded, and that Jesus wants them set free to see what this fallen, murderous, cherub once called Lucifer, has in store for them as their end, if God forbid they die in his stupor ... Amen

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One of the scariest things i saw at the Democratic National Convention was Sean (P-Diddy) Combs, that multi millionaire mogul of filth, sitting with presidential hopeful John Kerry's wife ...

If you don't know it by now Diddy is on a mission to bring out to the polls as many of the 42 million voters between the ages of 18 & 30 as he possibly can ... His often times expletive laced mantra to potential young voters, and media alike is VOTE OR DIE!, of which i passed by a billboard this morning showing him and this slogan ... i'd say Puffy's a lot more serious about the importance of this election tha most Christians ... i actually heard him say to a reporter this, "I've taken over the music industry ... I've taken over the clothing industry ... Now i'm about to take over politics" ... i think Mr. Combs could use a Nebudchadnezzar type adjustment to his ego .... i think a whole lot of folk in leadership positions could use such a tweaking ...

Ezekiel: The Future of Politicians Who Pass Bad Laws and Give Bad Advice

Below are some links for you to check out regarding Puffy ... And below that is another of my long winded commentaries ... But reason can't be limited to snippets, or sound bites, so if either is your way off making decisions this thread ain't for you in the first place ...



DIDDY FOR PRESIDENT (with acknowledgement from Al Sharpton)

i've been speaking to many American African saints in my circle a great deal about the importance of this election, and i've gotten feedback that for the most part has been most disheartening ... If i wasn't like the EverReady bunny, but with the endless power source of the Holy Ghost in my battery rack to urge me on, i'd of quit a lot of things i feel led of the Lord to do a long time ago ... We can be one stiff necked bunch ...

i know so many saints who are voting for Kerry, because they figure he's better for the economy, or for job creation, or for the poor and disenfranchised of our ethnicity, or he'll stop the war ... all of the me, me, me, self centered reasons ... And when i ask them about the importance of topics like homosexual unions, abortion and embryonic stem cell research they either give me a brain dead (actually heart dead) blank stare, or they go off onto the wild escapist path of telling me all of the reasons they just can't vote for Bush, and that if Bush were a Godly man he wouldn't do this, and he wouldn't do that, and he certainly wouldn't have started this war in Iraq ... At which point i say to them i can give you 45,000,000 already aborted reasons alone why you shouldn't be voting for Kerry ...

So many saints have no concept at all of why God spared our government from being smashed into by that 4th plane on 9/11 ... He, even tho He lifted His protective hand from America on 9/11 in warning, is still attempting to give us the benefit of His grace ... Will we the (Godly) people even attempt to choose by vote, a more Christ guided minister of government in President Bush, or will we vote to allow even more murdering of the unborn in stem cell research condoned by our government under Kerry? ... Have we forgotten that there once was a time when we as descendants of Africans were legislated by law into bondage, the same as Kerry plans to govermentally condone and legislate death to millions more unborn? ... Will we willingly adopt and condone homosexual marriages as our law of the land in trade off of protecting our shared painful black experience with the likes of such Judas goats as Sean Combs, just for the sake of being Black? ... So the question i've asked myself personally is this ... "Do i have more in common with a white President Bush who'll straight up claim Christ as Savior, and say NO govermentally to homosexual unions, abortion and embyonic stem cell research ... Or more in common, because i too am Black, with a tool of the devil like Sean Diddy Combs who has attached himself to Kerry, just because Puffy's Black also? ... That sounds like misguided allegiance to me ... It's my take that when one becomes a Christian, i don't care what you were prior, it's Christ first, and what's best for the outside world via Christian thinking, and a Kerry/Diddy campaign can't be good for anybody, and particularly for American Africans in light of all the wonderful work Combs, and the rest of the hip-hop crew has done in our neighborhoods ...

Now as a saint, who you gonna choose? ... i'd rather for a Christian to tell me that they're no part of this world and therefore won't vote (and personally i find that irksome), than for a child of God, Black or White, to tell me they're voting for John Kerry ... Personally, i feel that the reign of Kerry will bring this nation to damnation way quicker than it will with George W, Iraq war and all ... If it is the Lord's will that George Bush get 4 more years, i can see a glimmer of hope, especially in his conservative appointments to the Supreme Court towards the overturning of Roe vs. Wade ... If it's the Lord's will that Kerry come to power, then i'll don my white toga, sandals, let my hair grow long, and get to toting my "REPENT - THE END IS HERE" sign ...

Christ said, "What good does it do for a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul"? ... How can a child of God think that if they vote for prosperity and selfishness, via Kerry, they'll actually be allowed by God to recieve it on the continued slaughtering of the innocent, with the extra added impetus for destruction of killing them so that the already born can have a better quality of life? ... Now that's selfishness to a satanic degree!

God please WAKE UP YOUR CHURCH, AND IN PARTICULAR YOUR BLACK CHURCH!!! ... i can tell you right now that the heathen is ready for bear ... Just amongst the screaming unsaved i witness to on my job most everyday, they'll tell you point blank that they don't see an unborn child as a life ... Even when i make the point that had they're life been interrupted at any time while in their mothers womb, they wouldn't be here, they still refuse to see it ... So embyonic stem cell research is just fine with them, as is so much other corruption that has become commonplace in todays permissiveness ... Now that's strong delusion, and that type of strong delusion, with a vengence, is hell bent on replacing George Bush with John Kerry ... Why? ... Because as my unsaved co-workers are so quick to tell me, "A man spouting Jesus, and praying about state matters, is a dangerous man" ... Dangerous to whom? ... Dangerous to folk like Sean P-Diddy Combs and his empire of filth.

As American African Christians are we gonna get on with it in our freedom of Jesus Christ, or are we gonna attempt to continue our playing both ends from the middle via a now shared archaic bonding of bondage with others who may be of our ethnicity, but not of our most important spirituality in Christ ... Middle will get us spit out of Christ's mouth, and my spider senses tell me we're pretty close ...

i think the Black Church is in need of an allegience check ...

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i heard Jesse Jackson on the radio this morning say that in his stumping around to various Black churches he has a series of questions he asks to the congregations ...

1 - How many have lost a job, or knows someone who has?

Just about all hands raised ...

2 - How many have seen their incomes dwindle?

Just about all hands raised ...

3 - How many have been affected by some social programs cut?

Just about all hands raised ...

4 - How many have a gay loved one, or a gay someone you know, waiting to get legally married ...

No hands go up ...

Jessie's solution, "What has government santioned gay unions/marriages to do with the issues that affect us (Black people)? ... Vote for the issues that pertain to us, and don't be sidetracked by such decoy issues as gay unions/marriages" ...

My question is ... When will the Black Clergy, and the Black Church start putting Christian issues, and Christian agendas, ahead of issues pertaining to our ethnic history in America? ... i can totally understand why unsaved Black America is in tune with the Puffy party, and i don't want to understand why so much of the Black Church is also ... But sadly i do ... Perhaps if we'd sustained as much faith in God's keeping us, as we had towards His freeing us, we wouldn't now have all our hope and trust tied up in Egypt, the original source of our bondage, just as ancient Israel did ... It doesn't make God very happy when we trust in anything, or any other than HIM!!!


"What has government santioned gay unions/marriages to do with the issues that affect us (Black people)? ... "What has government santioned embryonic stem cell research to do with the issues that affect us (Black people)?

My God, if Jackson, the Black Clergy and the Black Church don't know the answer to these, then that explains whether under Democarats or Republicans, our continued downhill slide into moral and ethical chaos ...

Jesus help us ... PLEASE!

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