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 Alison Krauss and Union Station

I saw Alison Krauss and Union Station last night and it was truly one of the most enjoyable and inspiring experiences of my life. Alison began playing music at the age of 5 years old, so she knows a whole lot of musicians, and over the years has recruited the best of the best to play in her own band.

Ron Block contributes not only with excellent musicianship on banjo and guitar, but also a number of songs that deal mostly with issues of faith and devotion. I checked out his website and he's written some pretty amazing articles on christian living.

Here is the Ron Block song they closed the performance with:

A Living Prayer

In this world I walk alone with no place to call my home
But there's One who holds my hand
The rugged road through barren lands

The way is dark, the road is steep
But He's become my eyes to see
The strength to climb, my griefs to bear
This Savior lives inside me there

In Your love I find release
A haven from my unbelief
Take my life and let me be
A living prayer my God to thee

In these trials of life I find
Another Voice inside my mind
He comforts me and bids me live
Inside the love the Father gives

In your love I find release
A haven from my unbelief
Take my life and let me be
A living prayer my God to thee
take my life and let me be
A living prayer my God to thee

Here's what he says about the song:

To be a living prayer is to be indwelt by Christ, used by him to manifest God's character and goodness to others in our circle of influence. The song expresses my desire to find, at the end of my life, that God used me as a vehicle or vessel of his Spirit to shine a light in this world, to bring others to know him, and to cause those who already know him to rely on him more deeply. To be a living prayer is really to be a walking manifestation of God's love and character; we are all meant to be that. God brings each of us through the fire of experience to purify us of unbelief and make us to rely on him completely.

What Living Prayer doesn't mean is that we are to try to be good and avoid doing bad, to try to be a witness, to try to be Christ-like. What it does mean is that we cease from our own effort, our own works, our own labor, that we "enter His rest" (Hebrews) and trust Christ within us to live through us. C.S. Lewis called it 'gentle possession.' The apostle Paul said, "I no longer live, but Christ lives within me." Real Christianity and real spirituality are nothing but Christ living through the human by the human's reliant submission to Him.

He's got alot of cool teachings on his site about the difference between self-effort and letting God work in us. check it out: [url=]Ron Block[/url]


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