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 Revival tint??

Hi brothers and sisters, I just wanted to share what I have been praying about. I believe the Lord might be leading me to purchase a tint to hold revival and evangelistic meetings in. I want to make sure it'sGod and not my own vision, so please be in prayer about this matter. I don't want to do anything if God is not in it.

I GREATLY COVET YOUR PRAYERS! The power of your prayers will help me determine if this is Gods leading and not my own.

I will keep you updated.


Your brother in Christ
J-bird :-D

 2006/3/16 14:58

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 Re: Revival tint??

Sometimes the only way to truely know is to go forward with the vision God has given you, besides, you know satan wouldnt lead you that way and probably theres nothing in your natural man that would incourage this move toward ministering in public like that. I'd say go for it and see what God will do! Whats the worst that can happen? You end up selling the tent :-( !

Lord give our brother a plain path and the grace of faith to follow you, hearing your voice clearly, even if he doesn't know the next step.


 2006/3/16 17:07Profile


This could be used to reach many people in the gettos and slums of where I'm from. Many of these people will not go to church, so my thoughts are, LETS TAKE CHURCH TO THEM. I dream about seeing the power of God fall under that tint and seeing these people that noone cares about become gloriously SAVED!!! After all, HE IS WORTHY!! He paid the debt, so He DESERVES their souls.

My biggest obstacle is my own FEAR of failure.

I pray that I decrease so that He can increase.

Your brother in Christ
J-bird :-)

 2006/3/16 23:00

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 Re: God will lead

If your heart desires God's will in the matter, I believe that he will open and close the doors as you proceed. May you know for sure that it is udeniably a leading from God. May he go before you.


 2006/3/16 23:11Profile

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