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 Crusader: further Urgent help needed

The foster girl that is living with us, got better after prayer. we recieved another attack to night the girl really started to go crazy with paranoia. unfortunatley i have to try and pray for her over the phone and i find that hard. The girl has previously dealt with the occult but know loves Jesus. I feel that she is controled by decieving spirits and satan tries to scare her every time. My Wife who is only new into christianity has had enough and i can see her faith darkening. i took authority over these spirits tonight but they attacked back harder scareing all those involved. I feel so helpless being so far away from them. need some help from mature christians

karl rashleigh

 2006/3/13 10:35Profile

 Re: Crusader: further Urgent help needed

Brother I can give you my opinion based upon experiences of Missionaries, plus and the Word of God.

All of this depends on where you have received your beliefs from, in the area of "demonology".

If the Word of God doesn't mention a phenomena, then I believe the phenomena is not from God.

What I mean to say here is ... many have been "mis-taught" in the area of "demonology" and the enemy takes "imagination" for a ride, by controlling that part of the mind and the open door to this being - bad teaching in this area.

When someone dealt with the demonic in the N.T., there is no accounts of the demons jumping on or oppressing the Disciples.

This happens when the one who is "fighting demons" does NOT know his authority and place of victory in Christ.

Mark 16 only says, "In my name they shall cast out demons ... " but I've seen many a "Deliverance Ministry" to make a mockery out of this powerful truth.

You will have to decide who you are going to believe here and you are the one who should be protecting your home/wife.

I have no use for the Derek Prince's of this world and I know those who KNOW their authority over spirits and sleep soundly in foreign lands where the demons run amuck and they just wake to cast them out of folks the next morning.

Without a 'sound' education in dealing with the demonic, "if" this is the case with this sick girl, "all" will wind up like the Sceva brothers.

There are good teachers and very bad teachers who teach on this ... though the Word of God is 'Plain enough'.
Lester Sumrall used to talk a lot about his adventures in this realm, but whenever I'd hear him speak on the radio, he just seemed to have authority without things jumping on him or bothering him at all. And the same with all of these Missionaries I've heard from.

They know who they are in Christ and would not allow the thought to even enter their mind of receiving any "oppression" or anything else from "spirits".

The folks that I have met in these "Deliverance ministries" were usually very superstitious and very proud of their "exploits" of keeping someone in a room for days, screaming out demons. :-(

Just pray over your home, period.

Francis Shaeffer had some woman (was it Johanna Michelson ?) at his retreat and even though she was severely oppressed for a good while, there is no mention of the Shaeffer's having any fear or attacks upon themselves.

We choose what we want to believe in this area and label things "demonic" when all it may be is just a very mentally twisted human, because of their past.
By blaming it on demons only, we may even cause them more mental anguish.

You, your wife and this girl, will be in my prayers.

Take Jesus as your example of how to deal with these things or Paul.
And shore up on Bible passages that show our Authority over every 'created' being ... that can only say "BOO" to us, because the [b]Creator[/b] lives inside of us.
If we respond to their "BOO's", that is the open door for further attacks in our lives.

Take Care and y'all have my prayers.


 2006/3/13 14:01

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 Re: Crusader: further Urgent help needed

Dear Crusader, after reading your post I went to prayer about your situation.

The girl has previously dealt with the occult but know loves Jesus.

The question occurs to me, has she severed ALL ties to the occult? Does she have anything that connects her with this, like a trinket of some sort? Anything that connects her will to it? Becuase...

I feel that she is controled by decieving spirits and satan tries to scare her every time.

Take a look at Matthew 12:29.

Alright brother, I will keep praying and I pray you find some other strong brethren to stand with you in prayer where you are. God grant unto you wisdom to do only His will in Jesus name.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/3/13 20:47Profile

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