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Joined: 2006/3/11
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 Please help me burn to cd

I have been trying for 2 hrs to burn my Keith Green sermons to cd with no luck. Tried Windows Media Player and iTunes. Windows Media Player will play the sermons although it says the extension is unknown. iTunes doesn't do anything. I feel kinda silly. Shouldn't it be simple? Any help at all you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, mrgill.

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 Re: Please help me burn to cd

Hi mrgill,

Not all that familar with Windows Media Player, have you tried going through the help file on the player? If you go to the index section and type in "Burning" it will give you a few options, go to "Audio vs. Data" and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Related Topics" is a section for "Creating your own CD's". Let us know if you are still having problems.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Please help me burn to cd

Hey Mrgill,

A few questions to start with,

what is the extension of the file, is it not mp3?

which media player are you using? as far as i know only media player 10 actually burns cds

to burn on itunes just create a new playlist, it wont burn from your media library, then put the Keith Green track on your new playlist and in the top right corner there should be what looks like an iris door with 'burn disc' underneath it, just click on the door and a little nuclear symbol should show up and the disc should burn.

I use media player 10 to listen to music and itunes to burn cd's with (it's quicker),

If what ive said you've already done sorry for the dumb advice let us know how you get on



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 Re: Please help me burn to cd

Do you still need help to burn your files to CD?

David Keel

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