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Could someone please pass the air sickness bag please ?


 2006/3/14 8:02

Joined: 2005/5/2
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 Re: prophetic formation

The original intent of this thread, is just EXACTLY what the title says. PRAYER REQUEST. Did you pray for me? Or did you post your '2 cents' before you went to God on the matter? (Re-tor-ical question)

One important aspect of prayer is HEARING God, and so when you ask for prayer, you also must accept that your pray-ers might hear a word from God different than you, (or any of us) wish to hear. Prayer is not requesting that God do what WE want or expect. Actually, prayer is risky. Also, it is a two-way conversation.

, I really don't partake of those threads that last more than 5 pages. Why, cause most become very un-fruitful and poison

You can only "know" the probability of threads that you do not participate in by basing on past experience, or you get it supernaturally from the Lord.

I believe that this is not a prophetic insight given to you from God in your own prayer times for SI. Why? Because it is not true! Well - maybe at times it is true. Yet sometimes it is not until far along into a thread that the Spirit breaks through the back-and-forth struggling and – well – we are all the better for our perseverance.

Your assumption is much like saying, I won’t have a discussion with anyone for more than five minutes because anything said after that is unfruitful and poison. (to use your own words) Now, I ask, is that prophetic insight or a perception based on past experience.

So, if you are in error in this prophetic pronouncement about SI threads, then why should we trust your prophetic word regarding your church?

I am not disclaiming your calling,whatever that may end up looking like, or even that God may be touching you and speaking to you. However, there is still some significant refining to undergo.

I trust that you will learn through this experience and grow. And, ABOVE ALL, do read the links that Annie gave you for "the School of Christ" by Chip Brodgen!!!!!!!!! They are excellent for YOU at this time. They will save you a lot of future confusion, grief, blunders, time, energy.... and built your walk with God.

Actually they are excellent for ALL OF US!!!! We all should all read them, or we will just give "advise" based on our own perceptions which may be plagued with blind spots and lack of understanding. And also, we may risk throwing out the baby with the bath-water.

Consider this: "If you want advice about raising kids, ask someone who hasn't had any." Sometimes those who know the least about something have the most to say about it.

That does not negate the many helpful words addressed to you here.

Do keep on growing and learning. The path to maturity is downward - a decreasing, often humiliating, and filled with mistakes and blunders. And the humiliation is intensified when in front of a bunch of people - especially our peers. But that is the way of God. If we resist, God is quite able to "turn up the heat" in our lives in order to produce the brokenness that he is seeking. Do not resist, lest you be disqualified, as so many are.

You are here because God led you.
And through the decreasing process, Christ increases within you. And the spirit of prophesy is Christ.
God bless you, brother. Diane


 2006/3/14 8:36Profile


"Pray for God's Truth"

[url=]But we don't want God's Truth. We want signs & wonders, no matter how or where they come from. Even false revivals tickle us.[/url]

"Truth is thrown to the streets" -- we want manifestations - not truth !!!

 2006/3/14 10:01

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3777

 Re: Sites

These are the sites that Annie earlier posted:

[url=]Letter to a Reluctant Prophet[/url]

[url=]A Call to Prophetic Responsibility[/url]

[url=]The Prophetic Savant[/url]

These are all by Chip Brogden on his site, "The School of Christ"

God bless you as you read and gain understanding of the prophetic calling. There is something of value for all.


 2006/3/14 10:33Profile


First, Chris. Your post was a blessing. I thank you for it. For me, 1000 counselers causes me a headache more than an answer. I have an abundant of counselers in my life already and have heard and received and tested all their words. I just don't want a headache, that's why I asked for no imput :-D

To Diane's post. I will answer much of your questions, with what I ORGINALLY posted, cause yet again, someone either doesn't read everything I've said, or takes it and twists it.

This is me below (in quote)

That's why on SI, if you haven't seen, I really don't partake of those threads that last more than 5 pages. Why, cause most become very un-fruitful and posion MY walk with God.

That's not a prophetic utterance, just something personal for myself. IT CAUSES ME TO STUMBLE, why? because of past experiences.

I have looked at some threads that have 20 pages and check them out and was like 'wow, I was pre-judging cause this thread is amazing.' and then I'd go back and read EVERY single post.

Also, I read Annie's links yesterday, great sound teaching.

ALso, Annie why did you post that thing on Wimber, what is the revlence.

For [b]myself[/b], this topic is closed. Why? Because I've spoken with the pastor that I gave the message to. Reaction, read Amos 7. "Do your eating and prophesing elsewhere". was said to Amos.

Brothers and sisters, I love you all. If you can't tell, God has done a HUGE work in my life in the past 3 months. I've gotten such a HUGE grasp on God's love, then OUTTA NO WHERE, God gives me this word. Weither you think it's right or not. My heart is clear. And I'm still learning.

I strongly repent of the delievery of the Word, but the word itself, my spirit can't repent. I had a vision of God warning me if I repent of the word itself. This causes the FEAR of God within my heart. I love Jesus, but it's ALSO a fearful thing to fall in the hands of God.

There is a balence, and I don't know where that is. And I hope to find it, but for now, I don't want to hear 'words' like that any more, for this season in my life. Even if it is from God. And I believe God will honor that. I want Him to train me, so that, NEXT time, I'm more than ready, but instead I'm completly seasoned.(not complete, but seasoned).

I hope you can all understand. Love and Grace.

 2006/3/14 13:56

Joined: 2005/5/2
Posts: 3777

 Re: the hound from heaven

Thank you for your clarification, YeshuaismyGod. I can appreciate that "advice" can be overwhelming, burdensome, and not always what we desire for the moment. I trust that you can sift what is meant for you at this time.

These words kind of grab my radar:

I don't want to hear 'words' like that any more, for this season in my life. Even if it is from God.

Well - whatever - it's better that you are honest with God about how you feel. There have been times that I have told God I was fed up with him, and to please lay off. (Mind you, the hound from heaven doesn't always answer such prayers, especially if he knows that deep down we really do wish to be conformed to his image - at ANY cost)

May God be your heavenly hound. And I trust that you will remain open to his refining work in your life.. as you say... .
And I'm still learning.

Bless you, Diane

PS I just had a stray thought: I wonder if the way you feel about our word to you is somewhat how your pastor feels about your word to him.


 2006/3/14 14:58Profile

Joined: 2005/10/18
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I rarely post these days and the Lord is restricting my Internet time but would encourage you to press in and once you're clear and he's told you to speak and when to do it then it's your responsibility to simply do it.

Sounds like you're doing that in some measure. I know that Jesus is always faithful to send the necessary discipline when we blow it and it's oftentimes quite painful to do what He asks. I pray that as you obey that His voice would become clearer and your discernment would increase as you test the spirits [b](1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.)[/b]

Ed Pugh

 2006/3/14 16:00Profile


Quote:" I just don't want a headache, that's why I asked for no imput"

Then why post your "stuff" here ? Where is that action in the Bible, when a prophet gives a word ... where they say "Thus saith the Lord" and then later goes to a group and says, "I'm in a tough spot now, oh you better pray for me" ?

You may think you've grown in the last 3 months, but I'm having to say this outright Josh ... in 30 years of being used in the Prophetic, someone saved today could be used by God to give me guidance, even a child and every word that comes to me from others here, [u]matters[/u].

You said not a few times, that you don't want our input on here, in so many words, so I'm still upset with this entire thread and your attitude in it.

Immature and bossy .... yes.

Immature and bossy "with" the prophetic .... NO, I'm sorry, I've never seen that combination work out.

Quotes: ""For myself, this topic is closed.

There is a balence, and I don't know where that is.""

I'll tell you what the balance is ... try humility.

And this thread has made me so sick inside that I really need a break now from Forums.

To see divisions come here, over 'just you' and your "words from God" does make one sick.

I was more than willing weeks ago, and did, point you toward Chip ... but be honest here ... you were too rapped up in yourself to pay attention to that PM and the second and third time I posted Chip to you and so sure of yourself and your actions and words, that no one else's mattered to you.

Please, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

Whoever says [b]"Thus saith the Lord"[/b] had BETTER know what on earth they are doing and by your rudeness to most of our responses on here, I'd fear all the more if I were you.

If you're old enough to "prophecy destruction" than you're old enough to hear all that I've just said and what everyone else has.

Don't cry "I'm young" whenever you want us to be liberal with you, but then tell us we don't know what on earth we're talking about.

[u]What type of denomination or group do you attend ?[/u]

I think the answer to that is the answer to all that's happened with this thread.

If I lose friends over this, so be it.
Truth matters more to me than fly by night/fair weather friends, saints or "brethren", who are tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine, because of their wanting to "be somebody" around here or anywhere else.

Your answers and lack of them have made me sick, physically and spiritually and have done the same to others too. But because you are so sure of your phenomena, you feel it's our problem if your posts are rude and cocky.
"Huge grasp on God's Love" ? ... not seen on this thread buddy.

[b]How dare you compare yourself with an inerrant Prophet found in our Bibles,
Because an Amos you are not !

Only the coming two witnesses will have that much going for them.[/b]

Paul rebuked Peter openly, so don't expect anything less from us under-dogs on here.

I don't want to hear it's "youth" not "pride", because I've known young children to have gifts without their pride. That's just an excuse. You had better read the O.T. again, where God warns that if one says "Thus saith the Lord", they had better have that straighter than an arrow.

I'd say you just need a good humbling from the Lord God Jesus Christ Joshua and I pray it comes to you soon and really soon at that, before you hurt anyone else, including yourself.


 2006/3/14 16:57

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