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 Re: Pastor, husband of one wife?

dorcas said: And while I'm here, you really are saying, are you, that all this is investigated before a man is invited to offer himself for eldership.... no matter what kind of good character he has demonstrated over his years as a Christian?

philologos said: Did I say that?

No, dear brother, you didn't.

I hope when you have time, you will be able to put a few more words to explaining how the apostle's exhortation should work in a church where a person clearly showing eldership qualities has been married more than once.

At what point does grace supersede the letter? Or, is it grace that the letter should not be superseded? ;-)

 2006/3/18 14:43

 Re: Pastor, husband of one wife?

Cindy, thank you. I will leave our exchange there, now.


Some of those leaders names sound familiar?

I will remember this challenge and try to do it justice when I read these again.

 2006/3/18 14:57

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But why then, did God not insist that one of David's sons who was born from one of his other wives, became king?

Soloman was born of Bathsheba. Soloman was not born of another of David's wives.

God chose the son of David through Bathsheba to build his dwelling place.

Those who experience God as grace, those who are failures and repented and know their own weakness are alone qualified to build up God's dwelling place. The body of Christ is built up not by perfect followeres who never failed and never had to repent deeply. But rather the body of Christ is built up by those who know their own weakness, who have learned God's deep mercy, who know His grace, and these alone can minister Christ to the fallen, the weak, the backslidden, etc.

Those who have never fallen cannot indentify with those who do no matter how much doctrne they know. They will secretly dispise the weak and believe that they are somehow superior.

Our failures are used by God to minister Christ into us and to make us lean on Him and live by Him as our holiness, our rightousness, our all, and this alone qualifies us to be ministers of Christ.


 2006/4/1 14:50Profile

 Re: Pastor, the husband of one wife?

Someone sent me this link, which brings to light a little more scripture and clear thinking, to add to what we've already got. I think the part which I find most liberating in this article, is the idea that GOD HIMSELF has given us certain liberties, and, we as people do not need to let other people take them from us. We have choices, even under God's direction.

[url= .] .[/url]

 2006/4/23 15:14

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 Re: .

The file you requested was not found on this Web site.

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I chopped off it all until ".com" and found it, but haven't read it yet.

But the Site itself has those three Heretical "D" words on it ....

Doctrine - Deception and Discernment ... :evil: .

Thanks Dorcas - That about covers my Desktop completely now with Shortcuts - Ha :-) .

 2006/4/24 1:19



"So, the question is, [b]if a man [u]has remarried[/u][/b], (and also under Old Covenant law it was an abomination for him to go back to his first wife after divorcing a second wife), [b]how can either he or his ex (first) wife return to their 'marriage'[/b].

Whats interesting in this scenario is we clearly see Jesus in matt 19 doing away with the allowance for divorce 'because she find no favor in his eyes' (aka 'for EVERY cause)...but we dont see Jesus retracting what you mention above.

Oddly enough in 1 Cor 7, Paul tells the christian couple who have separated to remain UNMARRIED or reconcile.

Paul may very well have understood that she COULD surely REmarry (hence his words to stay UNmarried) and possibly she would literally be defiled to the first husband once remarried.

I have tried to see which is the case, but nothing seems to show that Jesus did away with the condition of this woman in Deut 24:4.

Id be very slow about telling a woman who had been put away frivolously ('for every cause') that she is to return to her first husband if she has remarried after.

if Jesus didnt retract Deut 24:4, then this is an abomination to return....something some groups should surely be a bit more careful about preaching.

 2006/5/23 0:24

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