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 Ancient Manuscripts

Here is a link which may interest some who are interested in the history of our Bible. It will be somewhat dated now, but may have some useful information for the discerning reader.

by SIR FREDERIC KENYON is now online. This was the standard introductory textbook used in seminary courses on textual criticism before Metzger's "Text of the New Testament"
was published.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: Ancient Manuscripts

This Kata Pi library site you linked to provides a wealth of good books, like the Bible and Spade. This should keep me busy for awhile.
I have a paperback copy of a text called "Readings rom the Ancient Near East." I picked it up amazingly reasonably priced from the local Christian bookstore. It has portions of many of the ancient texts of Sargon, the Law Codes, Royal Records from Mesopotamia, etc. It has pretty neat background info for anyone interested in Bible Study and the ancient texts.
It was compiled by Bill T. Arnold and Bryan E. Beyer.

Vicky Hunt

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