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 Is this a Christian Prayer ?

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

 2006/3/4 7:05

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 Re: Is this a Christian Prayer ?

It's not the way I would pray, but I suppose it depends on the heart of the one who prayed it.

These words: Light, love, power, plan, point of love could mean different things to different people. They can be quite nebulous and foggy in the minds of many. On the other hand in themselves they are authentic, because they are indeed authentic words used to describe our Lord.

Is that a good answer??????? rather nebulous??

EDIT: I read it again, and rather like it in part - as an appeal to God to shine his glory on us. Actually I can pray for some of these things from my own heart.

centre which we call the race of men

Not sure what this is supposed to be.


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Absolutely not, any one who prays like that neither knows the scripture not the power of God. That prayer neither exalts Christ nor glorified God. It seems to be the prayer of a “New Age” believer. Remember the model prayer our Lord gave the disciples that's how we are to pray.


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 Re: Is this a Christian Prayer ?



 2006/3/4 12:40Profile

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 Re: Is this a Christian Prayer ?

Its words are beautiful but it does sound new agey to me.

As I understand the scriptures, God desires a prayer that radiates from the heart. Having said that, the Psalms contain prayers and if you feel so led they can be your prayers too. That is a very meaningful exercise...when it comes from your innermost being.


Sandra Miller

 2006/3/4 14:31Profile


SMOKEY ~ (rotflmho)

Is that how you talk to your family ??? Ha !!!

I wish I knew how to make posts colored and change the font on this site, but maybe it's better that I don't ... :-P .

Listen Smokey ... I appreciate you taking the time to answer my silly thread question ... but I was hoping for answers ... like "Why" it's not good to you or 'why' it is good for others.

And don't come back with [b]"Because I said so !!!"[/b] neither, in some other size or color. :lol:

Edited to elaborate.

 2006/3/4 17:21

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Hello MeAgain

Sorry about ruffling your feathers ;-) But NO is an approriate answer to your question, "is this a christian prayer".
Whenever someone in my family gets too close to the edge of a cliff, ,yes I do react strongly..

The following line from the poem is the best example of "new age" thinking that I have seen in a long time. I was involved in the "new age" movement for several years, so I do have an understanding of their terminology.

"The purpose which the Masters know and serve."

This would be a quote right from "new age" theology..The term Masters is frequently used to refer to spiritrual leaders who are on a "higher spiritual plane" than you are.
The word of God NEVER calls anyone, your spiritual "Master". There were times when one of the followers of jesus would call him master, but that was a statement of respect, not something demanded, or even expected, by Jesus..

I hope this helps clear this up for you..

Thanks Greg


 2006/3/4 23:31Profile

 Re:Bingo Bro !

I knew you'd come through for me brother.

After you yell STOP at the loved one by the cliff, then it helps to explain why you had to yell.
8-) Amen !

I won't keep this going, but I just wanted to prove a point about last days deceptions.

We read this "prayer" called The Great Invocation in an AoG Church 12 years ago and asked them the same question and 100% of the members said, it was a "nice prayer".

I'm sure you could also tell us why it sounds so nice.

The website it came from is from the Lucis Trust which used to be called "Lucifer Trust Publishers", with the writings of Alice Bailey, Annie Bassett, and Alice Blavatzsky's books there, etc..
They changed the name to Lucis Trust for obvious reasons way back when.

Theosophy, which the Alice's and Annie taught is a step deeper into the dark side than just New Age in general ... that becomes obvious just by the former name of the group and how "Love and Good Works" is their message also just as Good Works is the cover for the Masons and Shriners and the UN.

I was reminded of this prayer, as the subject of the "Masons" had come up and Alice Bailey's name came to me as also being a Mason in the female side of it.

Now, you'll have to look well to this Site, because this is no rinky dink operation here.
This is big and where Mystery Babylon has launched itself Globally, through the World Good Will and the United Nations.

I'll leave the link for you to look at and tell us what sticks out at you.

[u]Thanks to all of you.[/u]

Someday you could teach me how to color and enlarge the font ... then they'll all be over to the Anxiety Forum where I hang out. :-D

(Only kidding :)

 2006/3/5 0:11

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Type your message in the small box above the regular post reply box, and you can change and alter it to suite your needs. Click on Add to bring it into the regular box, and then post it.


 2006/3/5 0:27Profile


Thanks Smokey.

Anyhow, what should pop out just for two topics ...

The 'Links', as in linked with ....

Two on "The Reappearance of Christ and The Coming One" ....

 2006/3/5 2:53

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