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 Praise Report - 2 Real Healings

Hello.(**Beware, approx. 6 min read**)

My name is Joshua. I live in Clearwater, Fla, USA (its near tampa).

Let me kind of put you all up to speed. Before I actually tell you what God has done.

After I sought God for His mighty Spirit. I then desired Healing. Then discernment, then prophetic word. I did NOT ask for these gifts for myself, but instead so that OTHERS would receive encouragement in one form or another. Discernment came, and so did prophesy. But I still sought God wholly. Through fasting and prayer for a year (of course I did NOT fast for the entire year, but instead on and off).

Then, one night I was all alone and the Lord speaks to me "I've given you the gift of healing". I marked it in my bible and cried for 10 mins.

Add One Year, One Month, and One Day. And I NEVER even used this gift. Not even in the smallest of ways. But then my best friend speaks, under the Holy Spirit, and says 'What is your gift' hinting at 'healing'. At first I thought he meant 'prophesy or discernment' but he said it was deep within. Then he says 'you need to use it Joshua'.

So, since then I've been praying 'Lord, PLEASE PLEASE.... use the gift You've given me.'

It's been 2 months since I've been seeking God 'softly' about this gift. (Not as earnest as I should)

So anywho. ...The healings:

1. A best friend in the Lord, had committed adultry and really had her head down at the burdens of her life.

One night, (without any 'religious' crap) I just talk to her normally, and then start talking to her on the phone. Before the end of the night she cried her eyes out. And I had a vision that God has healed the DEEP things within her heart. She replies 'We will see in the morning'.

Then at 7:30am she calls me up with excitement 'Joshua, I am healed, I'm TOTALLY DIFFERNT! I don't feel the burden of the day like I normally did.' Praise the Lord!

Now, after this. I was overjoyed God used this gift through me. EVEN ON THE PHONE! But now, I was like 'Lord, but I would like to see a physical healing, or something that I can see.'

I then God soooo desperate for it (just like when most ministers on this site cried 'Give me "this" or give me death') Instead of revival, I cried for healing.

I was earestly serious, I then said 'Lord, I'm fasting until it happens'. Just water**

2. Then 2 days later. Sister [url=]Dorcas[/url]and my best friend and myself go to my mid-week service/book discussion.

Well, the discussion had a lot of problems (sadly), but I'll leave that alone, unless someone would like to know (please pm me if your interested).

Anywho, we got into a circle to pray. And everyone confessed their 'need' for God's healing. One talked about cancer, another a leg, another this another that.

But one that struck me the most was this really tall man. He was about 6'3 or so. With his girlfriend. But he said 'I have "mind" problems. Like I try to focus on something and I then get absent minded. So bad sometimes I black out. Just infact, last night I blacked out for 30 mins (or so). I have about 10 black outs EVERYDAY. It's just soooo hard, with my job and everything, I'm a liablity.' (PLEASE, keep in mind this is all para-phrased, because I'm not perfect in remember the EXACT quote, but still the same problem, [dorcas could aid in telling you more about his problem, by posting it on this thread ;-) ]

Anywho, everyone bowed their head and closed their eyes, in the circle, and prayed for a certain person. Well, I kinda didn't bow my head, nor close my eyes. I just started at the man with the head problem.

Everyone was praying and I just starred at him. (i'm creepy huh :-P ) About 6 people go through prayer and I'm still like starring this man's face off...

And I was thinking in the back of my head "Afterwards, Me, Dorcas and my best buddy can go pray for this man's healing, if it doesn't happen right now."

Then, within 30 seconds, dorcas says 'Joshua, I think we should pray for that young man.'

My heart breaks when she said that. I BROKE. I wanted to cry like a baby for this man. I then say 'I can't take it anymore' to myself. And let go of the people around me hands'. And walk right up to him (while everyone is still praying) and just pray for the man's healing. He ends up falling back (I did NOT push him, and it kinda messed me up, cause I wasn't done praying for him) So he falls into the arms of someone (how he got there, I have no idea....cause like I wasn't exspecting this man to fall). None-the-less I pray for him, he is on his back. And I say 'Lord, You take him, and bring him back to us, TESTED and TRIED by Your fire.' This man was out cold for about 5 mins.

Then me and my buddy prayed for another lady (I don't know if the story is true, so I am restrait on telling you)

Anywho, this happpened Wednesday. And today, at church the man shares with me 'I'm totally healed, I don't have any problems at all with my head, my knee hurts a little though.'

Well, me being the young man that I am. I just said 'PRAISE GOD'. And was joyful. Ignoring his knee problem.

But hey! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not perfect.

Now, I write this to say 'His Love is SHOWN in many ways, Including Healing of Physical, Emotionally'

I rejoice that God moved through me, but I'm NO better than anyone else on this site. Anyone can do this, and Praise God I'm His and that's ALL that matters.

 2006/2/27 0:16

 Re: 2 Healings

Hi bro,

Elijah was used in that gift.

Have you read any of Chip Brogden yet ?

Love from up yonder here. :-D

P.S. Pray I get healed too ... O.K. ? Thanks !

 2006/2/27 1:38


Any certain one that you want me to read. Cause your making me pick out of like 100 or so.


 2006/2/27 10:43


Whenever I've gone to his site, I trust the Lord to lead me on which to read, and each time it's been exactly what I needed to hear at that time or moment.

Joh 10:14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
Joh 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

No one else 'to' follow. He's the only fully trustworthy One.

Bless you too.

 2006/2/28 4:09


well, what is your personal favorite. We seem to be on the same page. So what edify's you might edify me.

 2006/2/28 9:23

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