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 Update on Art's Health


Dear Friends,
Here is a letter that Art just wrote to the sister in Malaysia who was planning to host Art for his time of ministry there in March. Art asked that this letter be made public:

Dear Susan,
Sorry for my long silence. I have been waiting for some resolution on my physical condition that would enable me to keep my appointment with you, or perhaps now even have to cancel it.

My condition has been mysterious, and the doctors have had to go through a time consuming process of elimination, and even now are waiting on a second opinion of a skin biopsy from an infected portion of my leg that shows enlarged and inflamed veins. Two days from now I go to yet another clinic for a kidney biopsy as my kidneys have shown a serious deterioration during this period of time.

The doctor, who happens to be Malaysian, Dr. Chan, and a greatly respected authority on contagious diseases, is finally coming to a near conclusion that what I am suffering is fatal in 90% of those who contract it within the first five years. It is called Polyarteritis Nodosa, and an explanation of it can be found on most online medical sites (John Hopkins being one). I enourage you to check it out that you might communicate to the saints their more earnest prayer.

The doctors are of one voice to persuade me not to undertake any trip till the full diagnosis is in, and the perscription based on that diagnosis be given. To leave before that is to run the risk of doing irreversible harm to my kidneys and other organs, which would seriously limit or even end other activity in the world, which might have been undertaken if I exercise caution now.

It seems that at this writing, I definitely will not reach the conclusive diagnosis by Feb. 28th, the scheduled day of my departure in coming to Malaysia. My question to you is: if I wait several days later, would you be okay with my coming to you directly, perhaps an arrival in Kuala Lumpur on the morning of March 5th to catch a connecting flight to East Malaysia later in the day? This is what I am hoping for at best rather than a full cancellation, which would disappoint all those who have made demanding travel arrangements to be there.

All this presupposes that Tuesday's test and the outstanding test that has been sent to Mayo Clinic will be in, and that the final assessment can be made, and that I can safely be sent on my way with a prescription that will serve the present need.

Should there be new complications, or the diagnosis yet be suspended, I may then have to announce the cancelation which I would regret with all my heart.

So do uphold me with all the saints in prayer for this remarkable crisis of a rare malady contracted somewhere in the world. Hoping yet to see your dear face and to enjoy the fellowship of all the saints and such use as the Lord will allow for their blessedness.

I remain sincerely,
Yours in Him,
Bro. Art


Pray for Art's recovery!

 2006/2/20 17:05

Joined: 2004/6/15
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 Re: Update on Art's Health

i heard it said that bro Katz said that he was not going to die in bed, it seems he's serious about that...

Farai Bamu

 2006/2/21 11:09Profile

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