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 Somalis die of thirst in drought

Please pray for these people, and Kenya as well as they are experiencing drought as well. Always be mindful of the fact that we have family there, and Jesus has said that what we have done to the least of these we have done to Him.
Stir us O Lord to pray for our Brethren!
People in southern Somalia are starting to die from thirst in the worst drought in over 40 years in some parts of the country, says aid agency Oxfam.
Oxfam says assessment teams found seven people who died of dehydration, and that tens of thousands are now at risk.

People are surviving on the equivalent of three glasses of water a day, in temperatures of over 40C (100F).

Oxfam reports an almost unprecedented situation, where people beg for water along the sides of the road.

All surface water has gone, boreholes are running dry, and people are walking up to 70km (45 miles) in search of water.

The 830 ml available per person per day has to be used for drinking, cooking and washing.

"The situation is as bad as I can remember. Some people are dying and children are drinking their own urine because there is simply no water available for them to drink," Somali village elder Abdullahi Maalim Hussein told Oxfam.

Relief effort

Schools and local groups have collected $100,000 - a large sum in an impoverished country - to pay for a relief effort.

On Wednesday 10 water tankers left the capital, Mogadishu, with supplies for the worst hit regions in the south.

Oxfam says it will launch a similar operation next week but is predicting that without water supplies more children will die.

"The situation will get worse unless swift action is taken," said Mohamed Elmi, Oxfam Regional Programme Manager.

"People cannot survive on just three glasses of water a day when the temperature is hitting 40 degrees."

Relief efforts in Somalia are made difficult by a lack of proper roads and the absence of a functioning central government, with control of the country divided among rival militia groups.

The World Meterological Association has warned the Horn of Africa will remain in the grip of a drought until at least April.

The United Nations estimates more than 11m people in parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Burundi need food aid for the next six months.

patrick heaviside

 2006/2/16 13:27Profile

 Re: Somalis die of thirst in drought

This is indeed a great tragedy. What disturbs me most about this is that if the world dedicated only a small portion of the money spent on the military to responding to drought and famine, no one would starve or die of thirst. I am embarassed that the US is spending billions on a war in Iraq in order to solidify a hold on mideast oil resources, when if they would use these funds to make sure that no one on this earth starved, we would have friends all over the world, instead of enemies. For certain, if Somalia and Kenya had oil resources, this would not be happening. Because these countries are resource poor, we ignore them until the international community forces us to respond. And that's too late for many!

I worked on a drought relief program in Africa in the early 1980s and for sure there is corruption in the distribution of food. However they made sure that those in real danger were fed first and only after that did I see government officials using the food for their own purposes. (Bribbing, putting on the open market for sale, etc.)

When Christians make it a priority to see that everyone is fed, people will come to understand that the followers of Jesus mean what they say.

I'll add another quote to what roaringlamb put up. I think they make a nice juxtaposition and together are food for thought.

"Everything is plural and balanced, but good and bad are human inventions: we walk right foot, left foot, not right foot, wrong foot. Ignorance and greed are part of the evolutionary process, which is to say that mistakes are part of learning. There is nothing bad about behaviors or perceptions that do not work, they simply have to be replaced by behaviors and perceptions that do work." – R. Buckminster Fuller.

"Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow from thee turn not away. . . that ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven; for He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."


 2006/2/16 15:39

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Ignorance and greed are part of the sin process.

Pray for rain.

Mike Balog

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Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Cruz California


Bubbaguy you said,

For certain, if Somalia and Kenya had oil resources, this would not be happening.

I think that it becomes more interesting when you realize that there are massive amounts of oil in Africa. Yet it cannot be had because China has the majority of it.
I think that they were the only ones who weren't afraid to let racism interfer with their greed.
I realize this could offend some, but my brother has been to Sudan twice on missions trips, and the things that he has told me about just this one country would blow your minds.
Yet in all of this, we must remember that the need does not necesitate the call to go, but the need is the call to pray.
Let us be like Elijah, and look for a cloud like man's hand!! :-)

patrick heaviside

 2006/2/16 16:24Profile


Yes, crsschk, Ignorance and greed are part of the sin process. But the sin process is also a part of learning. What Jesus tells us is that we should treat all people with love, as God treats all the same, and what Bucky says is that we should learn to love and cast off hatred because it is not a functional human behavior. They both get to the same place from totally different points of origin. This is what I find interesting.


PS. And yes you are very right, we should pray. Nevertheless, God uses humans to act and provide what is needed.

 2006/2/16 16:52

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